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Grading the Health of Your Medical Office Cleaning

For many of us, Spring is a time to do a deep clean of areas in our home and office space. But did you know that each day a deep cleaning is an absolute necessity for medical offices? And while the Flu Season is coming to an end, that doesn’t stop the need for vigilance in keeping a medical office clean.

Enter Office Pride. Our top-rated medical office cleaning services are centered on a “Safety First” policy. Our technicians are trained to use a color-coded system to eliminate cross-contamination. And we adhere to strict Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines for handling needles and other disposables. For over 26 years, we have made three things a top priority in medical office cleaning: Preparedness, Prevention and Being Proactive. We call it the 3 P’s.

Be Prepared to Fight Germ Transmission

Germs lurk and can multiply quickly in medical facilities. So it’s up to the management of a medical office to ensure proper cleaning. That’s why it is critical to hire a team of professionals that is well-versed on procedures to stop the spread of germs. It’s a combination of using the right chemicals and the right tools. But it’s also a total quality program approach. “For example, we make sure we are keeping our microfibers in good shape so that germs are not settling in,” said Todd Hopkins, Area Director for Office Pride. “In addition, we use a special system for the safe and proper disposal of waste,” added Hopkins.

Prevention Is Key

Every year we hear the same message. Prevent the spread of the flu by vaccination or by washing your hands frequently. The same concept of prevention is true for medical office cleaning. And that may mean you need to invest a little more money to save money in the long run. At least that’s according to Henry Schein, a leading supplier of top-rated medical supplies. Taking these extra steps can help prevent further contamination and spreading of germs.

Be Proactive

There are many resources on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website to educate us on infection prevention. But don’t wait for a full-blown pandemic. Have a good program in place from a reputable company like Office Pride. We take cleaning seriously and we are committed to consistency in our services and full customer satisfaction. We’ve done our homework on the OSHA guidelines and make sure our technicians follow those guidelines carefully. According to Cleaner Match, cleanliness is not a luxury in the medical field; it is an absolute necessity. Compared to other types of offices, medical offices require a much higher standard of clean to prevent the spread of disease and infection. Because of this, most choose a commercial cleaning company that specializes in cleaning for the medical field.

So remember the 3 P’s as you decide which program and which company is the best for you. We have many happy clients that you can talk to about our medical office cleaning services. Just give us a call at 727-754-5990 for a NO-Obligation Quote. We’re certain that you will find our clean record worthy of your attention.