For a Clean Space, Start with Clean Tools

office pride cleaningThere’s a lot more that goes into a properly cleaned and sanitized space than meets the eye. At Office Pride, we have a comprehensive color-coded cleaning system that stops cross-contamination and we hit all the spots where germs hide – but it’s also important to remember that the tools themselves need to be cleaned.

From mop and broom handles to trash cans and vacuums, each tool is handled daily by people, and the truth is that human beings are germ machines. Cleaning tools work hard for our cleaners, and we want to make sure that they don’t accumulate bacteria or odors that make cleaning more difficult.

Here are some key items that need to be thoroughly cleaned:

  • – Sponges and rags
  • – Cleaning brushes and toilet bowl brushes
  • – Mops
  • – Microfiber cloths
  • – Brooms
  • – Vacuums
  • – Floor care machines

This list can seem daunting – that’s why Office Pride cleaners are trained, uniformed, OSHA certified and specifically briefed on your exact Customized Cleaning Specification. Office Pride also uses Green Seal™ certified cleaning products and the latest equipment and technology such as micro fiber mops, color coded cloths, high filtration vacuums and advanced technology floor care machines to manage spaces as diverse as churches and daycare facilities to banks and commercial office space.

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