Avoid the Back-to-School Outbreak Using Office Pride’s Commercial Cleaning Services

office pride commercial cleaningAs millions of students nationwide are heading back to school, an increased risk of the “back-to-school bug” that parents know all too well presents itself in commercial spaces, as well as schools, day care facilities, churches and other facilities where kids congregate.

Even though these areas are cleaned and maintained regularly, more often than not, germs move faster than any cleaning crew can. On any given day, kids are exposed to germs aplenty, whether they come from a sneezing student, a public drinking fountain or sweaty gym equipment.

Sick kids are unhappy kids, and this can be a lot of stress for busy parents. Luckily, Office Pride has the solution. With a special blend of its signature commercial cleaning and janitorial services, Office Pride uses top-of-the-line green cleaning products to ensure that carpets, desks, doors, entryways, floors, glass, restrooms, walls, water fountains and more are clean and free of germs. Their unique color-coded cleaning system eliminates cross contamination between restrooms and other areas.

If your commercial space, school or care facility could benefit from the most effective green cleaning practices available and janitorial services to reduce the chance of germs that can cause sickness, click here to find an Office Pride location near you!