5 ways Office Cleaning Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Aside from an improved aesthetics, there’s another important reason why janitorial service and office cleaning play an important role in an office facility – it can boost productivity. How? Based on several studies, here are 5 ways a clean office promotes workplace productivity:

  • Less sick days – with a clean office, fewer employees get sick and that means less filed sick leaves. According to a new report sick days are costing the public sector about 3.5 billion dollars annually of lost productivity and revenue. Such amounts can be greatly reduced with a clean office.
  • Boosting employees’ morale – a clean office creates a positive atmosphere inside an office that clears minds, and enhances employees’ enthusiasm to fulfill their duties at work. With this it makes sense to improve one’s office to become a more inviting place, so that when an employee comes in he/she is able to jump start the morning correctly which results to a higher level of workplace productivity.
  • Cleaning makes office equipment more efficient – regular janitorial service and office cleaning service providers can also include the cleaning of office equipment. When equipment like printers, photocopiers, fax machine, AC units are well-maintained, problems like breakages are lessen, avoiding decreases in workplace productivity.
  • Organizing an office makes employees more productive – easy to find tools/equipment or other items needed in performing office duties will make the workers more efficient. Imagine a minute wasted when searching for a pen in a cluttered desk multiplied by a number of instances and number of employees – that is a pretty big waste of production time. A more organized office is key to running an office smoothly, with efficiency. A professional janitorial service and office cleaning provider can help address this issue.
  • A clean office increases customer satisfaction – when an office is clean and appealing, it can attract more clients and that means more money coming in.

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