3 Compelling reasons to keep your office clean

When you arrive at your office door and see the workplace in front of you, what do you see? Are you seeing a clean office or a disorganized untidy one? Is it making you enthusiastic to do your job for the day or wanting to turn around and go home?

Several studies in the past have shown that a clean office creates good vibes among employees, which can help boost productivity in business. Tidiness and orderliness in the workplace matter not only because “neat is pleasant”, but because the opposite can cause some negative effects for your business. When a workspace is disorganized, it’s hard to process data, not to mention concentrate on the needs of activities and projects. A disorganized office can also negatively influence your mental and professional well-being.

Here are three compelling reasons why commercial cleaning is important in every business:

1) Reducing mess decreases workplace stress

Paper disarray is the main commercial cleaning challenge in a work environment. In a scattered office, it’s easy to lose documents. That can be distressing, particularly when a fellow employee or customer is sitting directly in front of you requesting the documents.

It is unpleasant when employees are not able to immediately find reminders, reports, customer records and other documents within the bulk of disorganized files. Many employees keep everything because they are anxious that they might make a wrong decision if these documents are thrown away, so they end up spending money to buy storage for various duplicates of the same reports. The solution for document mess is to make a set of guidelines on what sort of documents to keep and what to discard.

2) Cleaning makes us feel better

Sorting and fixing are the initial two stages in the prominent 5S approach that can be applied to any business. The 5S strategy is an efficient way to deal with making a systematic work environment that helps easily discover waste and make variations from the norm quickly noticed.

A key part of cleaning is disposing of what you aren’t utilizing which saves time, space and energy for more important things. Another reason why business cleaning matters is that you can accomplish more in less time with a tidier office.

3) Cleanliness builds confidence

Your office mirrors you and your organization. It is important that it provides good first impressions among customers as first impression, as we know it, can last. What do your customers, merchant partners, prospective workers and other guests see? A grimy lunchroom, jumbled work area or muddled gathering area does not create trust among customers about your professionalism or ability to manage the finer details.

Consider the possibility that you set aside a commercial cleaning budget for a general office cleaning session that incorporates clearing desktops and recording or destroying no-longer-useful documents (and Office Pride can help you with that). Anything that is no longer needed could be set on a swap table for other employees to take.

Having a commercial cleaning service taking care of the workplace you should not be surprised to find an increase in employee morale, as your office is transformed into a better environment to work in.

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