Medical Office Cleaning in Indianapolis: CAHPS Score Tips

A part of the CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) patient satisfaction survey tackles with the facility cleanliness. This helps in checking if your provider of medical office cleaning Indianapolis IN is doing their job. But chiefly, it helps physicians and health care partners drive quality improvements and help enhance the patient experience.

If you’re looking for ways to control your CAHPS scores, read on below.

  • Get organized
    Have a harmonious healthcare environment by decluttering your facility. Store all files and excess supplies in cabinets or drawers. Make sure that nothing is out of place and that every area is spacious enough for the staff and patients to comfortably move.
  • Make the waiting bearable
    Create a positive first impression once the patients enter the waiting and reception areas. Make sure that the space is clean and comfortable. Provide ergonomic chairs, and magazines and other informational or entertainment materials. When a patient arrives, make sure you greet them. If there’s a long wait, apologize and explain the reason for the delay. Check on waiting patients and let them know they haven’t been forgotten. Limit the number of same-time appointments to shorten wait times. And treat each patient the way you’d like a loved one to be treated.
  • Invest in employees
    Take care of your employees and treat them with importance. When you have a satisfied and happy staff with you, then it will be natural for them to take good care of your patients. Always provide a full stock of fresh, unstained uniforms and scrubs for them to use. Give them trainings on modern processes and applications of information technology, and on advance communication skills. These things will help improve staff attitudes, and cultivate a culture of pride, excellence and professionalism.
  • Educate the staff
    You can’t achieve great ratings on your CAHPS without the help of your staff. So make sure to educate every employee in your facility, especially clinical teams, on the CAHPS survey. Ask them to periodically read the survey so that the questions stay fresh in their mind, and they are reminded of how the perception of their care and performance is being measured by the patient.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of floors and surfaces
    It is discouraging for patients to see dirty floors and surfaces in the medical offices they go to. Make sure to vacuum carpeted areas frequently and pay special attention to dirt and debris tracked in through the front door. Clean up quickly spills and bodily fluids and don’t forget to disinfect. Keep every surface clean and spotless, and remove scuffs and marks on walls and windows. Advice your medical office cleaning Indianapolis IN to properly dispose of all trash, remove dust particles and clean away water spots and other residue using the proper cleaning solutions for sleek, sanitized equipment and countertops.

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