Janitorial Service in Beech Grove: Advice for Common Mistakes in Cleaning

We all make mistakes, but sometimes we don’t realize it especially when it comes to cleaning. Many cleaning mistakes could actually cause health problems and could also mean damaging furnitures and other surfaces. So here are some professional advice from a reliable janitorial service Beech Grove IN on how to avoid these cleaning blunders.

  • Keep the cleaning tools clean
    Don’t forget to maintain your vacuum cleaner by emptying the bag after every use and replacing it when necessary. Wash your toilet brush, your rags, mops and the gloves when the job is done. This will prevent bacteria from growing.
  • Clean the windows when the sun is gone
    The glass cleaner dries up very quickly leaving steaks on the glass when you clean the windows on a sunny day. It is better to do it during the evening or on a cool, cloudy day.
  • Vacuum the carpets as much as possible
    Don’t believe in the myth that regular vacuuming of carpets can damage it. Vacuum as much as possible especially high-traffic areas. This doesn’t wear it out, but it protects dirt from permanently sticking to the carpet.
  • Clean the neglected but important areas
    Many don’t clean the doorknobs, telephone, switches, machine buttons, and refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot handles because they don’t seem to look dirty. Don’t let looks fool you because they are full of bacteria. These areas need to be cleaned with disinfectant and a microfiber rag.
  • Don’t put too much cleaning product
    Make sure to use the specified amount. You don’t only save money but you prevent unnecessary product build up. Take advantage of water and use it to soak areas, then use cleaners to help disinfect and wipe it up. You can also use microfiber cloths. They’re effective in removing dust and stains with less or no cleaning solutions.
  • Clean with the right tools and products
    Not all cleaning cloths, sponges and cleaning products are to be used for all cleaning tasks. Sponges are not a universal cleaning tool. This could do more harm and damage than cleaning the place. Read the directions on cleaning products to ensure that you are using it properly on the right surface. Cleaning products are not equal to disinfectants. You need to clean first before you disinfect. Avoid as well using the cleaning tools you used in high-risk areas like the rest room in a low-risk area like the lobby or conference room. You also should wear gloves every time you clean.
  • Blot or dab spills on the carpet
    Scrubbing hard the carpet when spills happen will fray the carpet strands, spread the stain, and force the stain deeper into the carpet. Use a towel to soak up the spill and blot, apply a stain remover to the area if necessary. Test any carpet cleaner on a patch of corner carpet before you use it as some cleaners may damage the carpet.

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