8 Secrets to a Cleaner Restaurant in Lawrence

The cleanliness of a restaurant does not only attract customers and keep the place safe, it also affects the staff mood and productivity. A little help from a janitorial service Lawrence IN can result in a healthier, happier and more productive day at work. So here are eight janitorial cleaning secrets you can apply for your restaurant to make it cleaner, healthier, and a more awesome place to work at.

  • Maintain restroom cleanliness – Restrooms should be checked and cleaned every hour. Sanitize all surfaces specially the toilets, urinals, sinks, counters, doors, faucets and light switches, as these areas are prone to the spread of bacteria. Clean the grout off tiles and use appropriate cleaning products and tools.
  • Have a checklist – It is absolutely necessary to be organized in keeping the restaurant clean every time. A way of maintaining order is creating a cleaning checklist for every task that needs to be done hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. The checklist should show how the tasks need to be performed to help ensure the work is all done correctly. The tasks should be evenly divided amongst all members of the staff and rotated amongst the employees.
  • Follow the Color-Coded Cleaning System – The Color-Coded Cleaning System eliminates the potential of cross-contamination between your restrooms and other areas of the restaurant. This principle uses colors to designate certain cleaning tools or procedures to specific tasks or areas. Each color denotes either a particular duty, such as cleaning toilets and urinals, or a specific area, such as restrooms.
  • Stop insects and vermin from entering – Restaurants attract all sorts of pests specifically cockroaches, ants, flies and rats, because the place provides easy access to food and water. These pests bring with them bacteria and diseases. Because of this, precautions should be taken to limit their entrance. The food should be stored appropriately, and the staff should recognize signs of possible infestation as early as possible. Call exterminators and ask them to check the place regularly to prevent infestations before they happen.
  • Keep surfaces sanitized – Cross contamination is a danger that could cause the entire business, so it is crucial that all work surfaces and high-touch areas are properly and consistently sanitized. Regularly clean and sanitize surfaces on which food is cleaned and prepared. Make sure as well to disinfect condiment bottles and jars during the daily cleaning routine.
  • Clean the floors regularly – Seeing dirty floors leaves a bad impression on customers. The restaurant floors are a reflection of the service you provide to the customers. Sweep, mop and sanitize the dining room and kitchen floors regularly. Put warning signs on wet floors to prevent any accidents. Mop spills right away and get rid of stains and odors.
  • Get help from the cleaning pros – For a secure and guaranteed professional clean, hire the cleaning experts from a janitorial service Lawrence IN to take care of your restaurant business. This can be a daily cleaning service or on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the services you need.
  • Get the exteriors powerwashed – Part of the restaurant business is a good impression, and for customers, this happens even before they enter the place. The exteriors of the restaurant provides that so it must clean and inviting to your customers. A good way to clean the outside area is to use a cold water pressure washer to wash the dirt from walls, walkways, porches and paths.

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