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Green CleaningOffice Pride cares about your employees, about our employees and about everyone’s work environment!

Research has proven that improving the Indoor Environmental Quality of a building improves employee performance, reduces allergen responses and reduces absenteeism along with other building related health concerns. Workers are more productive in a “green clean” environment. In a typical office this can equate to significant savings through reducing loss of productivity.

Customers prefer cleanliness to. In fact cleanliness [especially floors and restrooms] is the most important customer satisfaction metric over all other environmental attributes.

Green Cleaning can also reduce costs and increase the lifespan of the facility by extending carpet and hard floor life.

Office Pride understands cleaning chemicals and the processes that affect the indoor environmental quality of a facility. Office Pride uses Green Seal™ Certified non-toxic cleaning products and is equipped with the latest equipment and technology to facilitate Green Cleaning.

  • Green cleaning is often as economical as traditional cleaning. Office Pride offers flexible cleaning schedules based on your needs.
  • Green cleaning increases occupants’ health and productivity, as well as increasing the lifespan of the facility and preserving the environment.
  • In addition to using nontoxic chemicals, Office Pride employees are equipped with advanced equipment to facilitate green cleaning, such as microfiber mops and cloths, high filtration vacuums, and specific vacuum attachments.
  • Our uniformed employees take pride in an award-winning safety record. Office Pride is fully bonded and insured and OSHA compliant. Safety Data Sheets are always kept on-site.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“I like that it doesn’t smell like bleach after you clean, and I like knowing that my desk will not be wiped down with the same rag that was used to clean the bathroom.”

– Brandi Good
– Spirited Art