A Recession Proof Franchise, Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise

“A Chain is Only As Strong As Its Weakest Link” – Office Pride

In 2007 when the economy was on a decline and America went into a recession the lasting power of Office Pride was questionable. This is because Office Pride relies on the strength of other businesses in order to guarantee that they will continue to be needed. With so many Offices closing their doors Office Pride was running out of clients. This seemed like the worst thing that could ever happen to a commercial cleaning franchise. Like, so many others Office Pride operators felt the sting of the recession and could only pray that things would get better. As it turns out Office Pride is actually a very recession proof franchise! – They survived on that prayer and have come back stronger then ever.

One of the main reasons why Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise was able to make it through is because of their flexible business model. When there were no busy office buildings to clean Office Pride re-arranged the focus to providing cleaning services for essential operations like doctor’s offices, dentists, churches, and daycares. They basically began to provide cleaning services for all industries that required them so that they could continue to make it in spite of the hard times. Changing their direction allowed Office Pride not only to hold it’s own during recession times but actually continue to grow and expand. Now, Office Pride continues to be a thriving franchise opportunity because they have a wide portfolio of cleaning services that they can provide for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Office Pride A Recession Proof Franchise To Be Admired
Unfortunately, not all businesses were able to adapt during the recession in the same way that Office Pride has. Hard as it may be to admit- there could be another recession in the future. If you are considering becoming a franchisee for your own small business then it is good to know that Office Pride was able to survive under these circumstances. In fact, it is re-assuring to know that if you invest yourself in an Office Pride franchise you will be able to grow your business no matter what happens. This is just one of the many reasons why Office Pride is one of the most sought after commercial cleaning franchises in the world!

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Office Pride, A One of a Kind Janitorial Service Company

There is absolutely no use denying it, Office Pride delivers the highest level of quality when it comes to commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Across the United States Office Pride is becoming known as the best commercial cleaning service franchise available for hire. This is because when you select Office Pride to clean your place of business your expectations are exceeded. They gladly provide you with a fantastic clean delivered by friendly and positive employees who are happy about what they do. After all, Office Pride’s motto is service you expect with integrity that you deserve.

The Leading Janitorial Service Company

Office Pride janitorial service company has been recognized many times as one of the best franchise systems available in America. They have built their reputation on a unique value system and dedication to quality that has set them apart. They now, have created a name for themselves by delivering above average service in the commercial cleaning industry. They understand the important service that they provide for business owners and guarantee their work will oust and even the harshest critics.

“We understand business cleaning, office cleaning, and janitorial services from floor to ceiling and we know customer satisfaction is achieved with a dedicated, hard work ethic.” – Office Pride, Janitorial Service Company

What Office Pride Delivers

Office Pride delivers cleaning services for business in a wide selection of industries: everything from healthcare and medical facilities, to rental properties, and school janitorial services. They specialize in commercial and office building cleaning for business ventures of all sizes. Offering flexible scheduling to work at the building operators convenience. When you hire Office Pride their employees provide a thorough clean that adheres to the standards of health and safety. They can customize their range of their services to meet the unique needs of your building.

If you have never had your place of business professionally cleaned by a janitorial service company, then we highly recommend that you give it a try. When clients come into your place of business you want them to leave with a good impression. The best way to do this is with a tidy workspace that has been taken care of by professional cleaning services. It is recommended that you choose Office Pride because they are by far the best cleaning franchise in the industry. You will be impressed by level of service they provide as well as how great their employees are to deal with.

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Office Pride Corp, The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise in The United States

In 1992 Office Pride’s founder and CEO Todd Hopkins was working on his MBA at Butler University, and one of his projects was to come up with a viable business plan. Now, many years later that University school project has become one of the best commercial cleaning franchises in the world. How did he do it? Well to begin with he interviewed other successful cleaning franchise show runners and asked they what they would do differently. Then he came up with the unique model that Office Pride was built upon.

By following the expert feedback that he received from the other cleaning franchise owners, Todd came up with a platform for Officepride. However, it was his desire to create a faith-based business that really set the groundwork for Office Pride’s success. You see, one thing that Todd realized about business today is that there is no moral component and value system in place. This makes it very difficult for the franchise employees to take pride in the work that they do. Office Pride is different because all of their workers subscribe to the same faith oriented value system. They are also given opportunities’ to grow within the business as well as possibly operate their own successful Office Pride franchise.

To prove his business idea would work Todd started as an Office Pride cleaner him self. He operated the very first branch of Office Pride out of his own home, cleaning the offices at night and working to grow his business during the day. Over time, Office Pride began to catch on. Now, there are over 100 franchises across the United States. Making Office Pride one of the most successful commercial cleaning businesses in the country.

A Business That is Led By God

Even today the backbone of Office Pride continues to be faith based. What this means is that everyone who works under the Office Pride banner adheres to a faith-based value system. The teachings in the bible influence everything that Office Pride does, from how they conduct business, treat their employees and interact with clients. At Office Pride everyone is treated with respect and dignity. They encourage their employees to take pride in their work and celebrate their role as part of the Office Pride family!

There certainly aren’t a lot of businesses left like Office Pride. On the surface they may look like any other commercial cleaning business but on the inside they are a company built up on hard work and a prayer. Obviously, Todd Hopkins must have been on to something as Office Pride continues to grow and expand across the United States. A business that started as a mere school project has grown into one of the best office cleaning franchises in operations today.

Officepride is An Affordable Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Officepride is an affordable commercial cleaning service that is ideal for all businesses both big and small. No matter what the extent of your office cleaning needs Officepride can handle it. Because Officepride is a franchise business opportunity the employees are also the owners. This allows Officepride to provide flexible scheduling and rates for their clients. Ever since its launch 20 years ago Officepride has been one of the cheapest cleaning services for small businesses to hire. They understand the realities being faced by establishment operators and strive to provide financially reasonable cleaning options that keep office spaces tidy, without breaking the bank.

Cheap Office Cleaning Services, High Quality Delivery

Obviously when you hear the words “cheap” and “services” together you usually think “low quality.” However, with Officepride this is never the case. The reason why Officepride is generally more affordable than other commercial cleaning franchises is because they have flexible options that allow employers to determine what cleaning services they require. Clients of Officepride don’t pay for cleaning services that they do not need.

Clients, are also able to set their own schedule. High-traffic offices spaces may require daily cleaning, while smaller private office may only need to be professionally cleaned once or twice a month. By accommodating the unique needs of their customers with flexibility in rates and scheduling Officepride is able to be an affordable option for ALL business owners.

They do not need to cut corners to keep their prices low, and the same standard of service is provided no matter how often you have Office pride cleaners come in.

At Last An Affordable Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Even if you don’t have a huge cleaning budget you can still afford to have your office looking immaculate when you choose Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Franchise. Well known as one of the best cleaning businesses in the United States of America Office Pride is renown for its fantastic delivery, reasonable pricing and friendly staff.

When you hire Office Pride cleaning professionals to come in and clean your commercial office space for you, you know that you are getting the highest value available in cleaning services today. Hundreds of satisfied customers have rated Office Pride as the #1 option for affordable Office Cleaning services in the Country because they are simply the best at what they do- for the price that they offer. Other, more expensive Office Cleaners do not deliver the same standard of quality as Officepride and they charge more! Officepride’s rates provide tremendous value for what they deliver to their clients, and it is always with done with a positive attitude and smile.

Looking for a better office cleaning solution? Contact the expert cleaning professionals at Officepride today.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Can Help With Those Summer Germ Problems

Cleaning 7Summer days are fast approaching and that means lots of fun things are ahead in the South Central Indiana and Louisville, KY areas. Here we often look forward to those summer nights by the campfire, canoe trips down the many different rivers, riding bicycles, and kids playing outside all day. All of these things sound wonderful but even on those hot summer days many of us are still stuck inside of an office, and all the heat and summer fun also brings some not so fun things like bacteria and viruses. As we are enjoying the summer heat the germs are enjoying it also. Germs from bacteria and viruses are encouraged to grow and multiply in the heat causing an office environment full of unsanitary conditions if it is not being cleaned properly.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning can help you reduce and eliminate those summer germs and make your work environment safe and sanitary. Employees working in a clean environment have been proven to work more productively making your business with Office Pride an investment that will pay off and help your business grow. It makes a lot of sense if you think about your employees being surrounded by festering germs it would result in slower work, more sick days, and an overall less productive business.

Hire Office Pride and our janitorial services will keep your environment clean resulting in faster work, less sick days, and an overall more productive environment. Adding to those summer germs the heat of the long days also causes more cobwebs and brings in those pesky bugs. Flies! Spiders! And Ants! Oh My! Unfortunately as much as we love the summer it does bring some nasty things inside our cozy environments. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning and our Janitorial Services can help keep those pesky things away too. Does your office have a kitchen or break-room area, if so I’m sure those little spills that are left behind attract these pesky little bugs causing your business to look dirty and unsanitary, but we can keep those spills wiped up and those bugs out of your work environment?

Office Pride Floor Treatment Services
With summer fast approaching that means we are still in the midst of spring, and we have talked about what summer brings so now we will discuss what spring leaves behind. Rainy spring days cause dirt and mud to get tracked into your place of business on all the shoes that enter causing some pretty filthy floors. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services also provides floor treatments. We can help you keep your floors clean and beautiful all throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter if your business has hardwood floors, tile, linoleum, carpet, or a different type of surface we can make it clean and shiny. We can buff out those annoying spots where the dirt and germs seep in and make your floors attractive to all of your costumers. Floor treatments also make your floors last longer and keep your carpet in good condition, which means you will not have to replace these items as often.

Floor treatments by Office Pride are another investment that can help keep you business looking great and save you from bigger problems in the long run.

Office Pride, An Office Cleaning Company You Can Count On

For the last decade Office Pride has been the leading choice for Commercial Office Cleaning Services in the United States. They grew from a small home-based business into one of the leading cleaning franchises in the country largely due to fact that they provide consistent service across the map. Reliability, trustworthiness and professionalism have always been a big part of Office Pride’s approach. They understand that this is what their customers are looking for and they commit to delivering the same high standard wherever they go.


Show up on time, do a good job- that is all that it takes to be reliable. In order to become one of the best Office Cleaning Companies in the U.S Office Pride has always been reliable. They provide flexible scheduling for their clients so that they can get their cleaning done when they want. Office Pride workers show up on time, and finish their work in a timely manner.


Trust is a major concern in the Office Cleaning industry. This is why all of Office Pride’s workers are 100% bondable and guaranteed. When an Office Pride employee comes into your place of business you can feel comfortable and rest assured that they will care for your property as if it were their own. They “pride” themselves in leaving offices spaces in better condition than how they found them.


Last but not least, Office Pride is a professional Office Cleaning service. You can recognize them from the their logo’s uniforms and cleaning attire. They work professionally with care and detail. Paying attention to the environment that they are in and blending perfectly amongst your professional staff.

Office Pride A Cleaning Company Like No Other

There may be other Office Cleaning Companies out there but Office Pride stands out because they tick all of the boxes of what people look for when they hire someone to come into their place of business and clean. It is no wonder that Office pride has such an amazing reputation for delivering fantastic cleaning service for their clients. If you require a professional cleaner for your professional office building, contact your local Office Pride franchise today. They will gladly fit you into their cleaning schedule.

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The Best Janitorial Cleaning Company Is Office Pride

Deciding which janitorial cleaning company you should hire to come into your office every week and clean is no light task. If you look at your local online directory there will most likely be several office cleaning companies to choose from; Many of these services are just starting out, very few have been in business more than a handful of years. If you are looking for a permanent solution to your office cleaning needs, then hiring a new company that nobody has ever heard of may be risky. It is better to look for an experience janitorial cleaning company that is well known and has been around for quite awhile. This is just one of the many reasons why Office Pride is one of the best choices for commercial cleaning no matter where you live. Established over a decade ago, Office Pride has very quickly grown to be one of the most sought after franchise opportunities in America. The individuals who operate Office Pride outlets across the country are dedicated to the job and follow Office Pride’s unique cleaning service system and code of ethics. Instead of guessing whether or not you can trust the cleaning company whom you employ, hire Office Pride and you will know that you can!

Why Office Pride is The Best Janitorial Cleaning Company

Friendly, flexible and reasonably affordable are three of the main reasons why Office Pride is one of the best janitorial cleaning companies in the entire world. Their staff, who are often Office Pride owners themselves, are committed to doing the job right in order to grow their business. Because Office Pride is a small home business the individuals who comes to clean are often the same people who have decided to make a living operating their own franchise. For this reason they are more invested and dedicated to doing a good job. Office Pride provides them with the tools that they need to succeed and guarantee that the work that they do is the best in the business.

Enlisting Office Pride cleaning professional to come into your place of work is easy. In order to provide the best cleaning service possible for commercial business owners they offer flexible scheduling that accommodates your convenience. Basically, you choose when and how frequently Office Pride professionals come in to clean. Depending on the size of your operation it might be every day, or it may be every other week. If you prefer to have the cleaning done discretely over night, Office Pride can accommodate that request.

Finally, the cost of having Office Pride come in and clean for you is actually quite reasonable. They have designed an affordable price model that makes professional janitorial services acquirable for business owners both large and small. To find out more about this contact an Office Pride today, you can describe the services that you require and they will provide you with an appropriate quote.

How To Find The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise!

If you look in the phonebook, there are plenty of different commercial cleaning franchises to choose from; knowing whom you can trust can be tough. This is why we have included a list of tips for choosing a cleaning service for your office!

1. Look For A Leading Commercial Cleaning Franchise With A Reputable Name!

When it comes to finding a commercial cleaning franchise that you can trust, the name is everything. A well-known cleaning service like Office Pride will have years of service and reliability to back them up. You’ll know that you are getting top-notch cleaning pro’s who are well trained, working under the Office Pride banner.

2. Look For A Commercial Cleaning Franchise That Has Been Positively Reviewed Online!

Before you hire just any commercial cleaners to come in to your place of business look on line for previous customer testimonials and reviews online. This will give you a sense of whether or not you should hire the cleaning service that you are looking at. Make sure that the reviews that you read are not on the services website but on popular review websites like Angie’s list. This way you can rest assured that they are authentic and not just fabricated by the business.

3. Choose A Cleaning Service That Has Year’s Of Experience

Many commercial cleaning services open their doors every year, but very few make it. In order to operate a successful cleaning business the entrepreneur needs to be disciplined and reliable. Instead of taking a chance on an new emerging business, select a commercial cleaning franchise that has a few years under their belt. This will assure that you are hiring people who know what they are doing and can be trusted to show up when you need them.

4. Hire A Commercial Cleaning Franchise That You Have Heard Good Things About

Office Pride is one of the best cleaning services in America, people know and recognize the name. As one of the top franchises in the United States, Office Pride has created job opportunities for hundreds of people. Their signature green logo and uniforms are known throughout the country. When you hire a well-known service like Office Pride you can rest assured that you are getting trusted quality service.

5. Choose A Cleaning Service With A Value System That You Support

Businesses like Office Pride set them selves apart by following a code of ethics that encourages their workers to be honorable and take pride in what they do. This allows them to guarantee the quality of their work and the reliability of their employees, while also growing a respectable business.

Still Not Sure Which Commercial Cleaning Franchise To Hire? Try Office Pride Today.