Best Office Cleaning Company

Looking for the best Office Cleaning Company?

In the United States Office Pride is known as the best office cleaning company available. As a total commercial cleaning and floor care franchise Office Pride goes above and beyond in all areas of professional cleaning.

There are many distinctive qualities that make Office Pride excellent. Not to mention their unique value system that has been praised for it’s commitment to honesty, integrity, attention to detail and hard work from their employees.

In our blog today we are going to talk about the reasons why Office Pride is unique and why more people choose Office Pride.

Reasons why Office Pride is The Best Office Cleaning Company:

• Office Pride is one of the only complete cleaning service franchises, that also provides floor care for their customers.

• Office Pride has a quality exception program that ensure that their work is consistent. This has led to the highest customer retention rates in the industry.

• Office Pride boast a satisfaction rate above 90%. This is in an industry that averages around 63% customer satisfaction.

• Office Pride uses custom cleaning checklists that ensure that the clients expectations are met.

• Office Pride employs a team of trained cleaners who who follow a unique cleaning checklist and protocol when they visit your place of business.

• Office Pride always presents themselves professionally, arriving fully uniformed and ready to to go.

• For safety reasons Office Pride follows a color-coded cleaning systems that eliminates any concerns about cross contamination.

• Office Pride also deliver green cleaning options for the environmentally conscious customer.

Anyone who is looking for an excellent cleaning company can count on Office Pride. With a long standing reputation and dedication to providing the best clean in the industry Office Pride sets the bar high.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Company

Have you been looking for an excellent quality commercial cleaning company? Did you know that Office Pride is one of the top commercial cleaning service providers in the country! When you are choosing to become partners with Office Pride you are choosing a top rated quality cleaning business that you can put your trust in. With Office Pride your businesses’ cleaning needs will be taken care of by a team of fully trained cleaning staff. Not only will Office Pride exceed your expectations they will also guarantee all of the cleaning services that they do. All the while wowing you with outstanding dedication and integrity.

The #1 Commercial Cleaning Company

Entrepreneur magazine has recognized Office Pride as one of the top 500 franchises in the world! They recognized Office Pride for their reputation for quality and amazing customer reviews.

The people behind Office Pride understand what it takes to be an excellent cleaning company for commercial business operators. They provide all of the needed services for business operators so that they do not have to look anywhere else. Their work is consistently well done and every Office Pride team member provides great customer service.

The other thing that sets Office Pride apart is the fact that they provide all of the needed cleaning services for a wide variety of industries including: healthcare and medical cleaning to property management and school janitorial services. Each Office Pride employee is properly trained to take care of any cleaning job.

More facts about Office Pride:

  • Office Pride follows a Written Exposure Control Plan.
  • All employees wear gloves and follow all safety rules. Employees do not allow trash bags to come into contact with their bodies, and they do not pack trash into bags with their hands.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets describing the chemicals we use in your facility are read by each employee and kept on-site.
  • Office Pride complies with the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards.
  • Office Pride complies with all medical cleaning standards and can help you pass State Board of Health inspections.
  • All employees are offered Hepatitis B vaccinations prior to cleaning your facility.
  • Office Pride uses proven, private label products that meet all labeling requirements.
  • Office Pride complies with all OSHA rules.
  • Each office is locally owned and operated

Building Cleaning Service East Texas

Need your building cleaned in East Texas?

Do you have a commercial building in East Texas that you need cleaned? Office Pride is a cleaning franchise that provides building cleaning services in East Texas and throughout the United States. We are well known for being one of the best commercial cleaners in the country. The reason for this is simple – at Office Pride we take great “pride” in the work that we do.

Anyone who needs an reliable and consistent cleaner that they can count on to clean their office building for them will be satisfied with Office Pride. At Office Pride we understand that your business is important to you because it represents everything that you have worked so hard for. When we clean commercial spaces we go the extra mile treating them respectfully as if they were our own. By taking a more personalized and caring approach we can pay extra attention to the details and avoid cutting corners.

How Office Pride is Different

The biggest thing that sets Office Pride apart is the unique Office Pride guarantee. We promise that you will be 100% satisfied with the building cleaning services that we provide. When an Office Pride team member cleans your building they follow a top-to-bottom cleaning checklist that makes sure that that your clean is consistent and that nothing is missed. By sticking to our checklist we can guarantee that every time we clean your space you get the same satisfactory results.

Have you tried other building cleaning service and not been impressed with the final results? Then Office Pride may be a great option for you to try.

We are now delivering building cleaning services for new customers in East Texas!

Green Janitorial Service Company

Choosing a Green Janitorial Service Company is just one way that your business can reduce it’s environmental impact. By using a cleaner who cleans with environmentally safe products you can rest assured that you are not contributing to polluting the environment or bringing harsh chemicals into your workspace.

Office Pride provides the option of Green cleaning for their clients who are conscious about their responsibilities to the earth. They have a selection of eco-friendly state of the art cleaning options so that you do not have to compromise on sanitation or cleanliness.

How Office Pride Does Green Cleaning Right!

The expert cleaners at Office Pride are aware that harsh chemical cleaning can have a negative impact on the environment both inside and outside of the office. This is why they are committed to providing green cleaning options that get the job done just as well with no negative impact!

Did you know?

Green cleaning is often as economical as traditional cleaning. Office Pride offers flexible cleaning schedules based on your needs.

Green cleaning increases occupants’ health and productivity, as well as increasing the lifespan of the facility and preserving the environment.

In addition to using nontoxic chemicals, Office Pride employees are equipped with advanced equipment to facilitate green cleaning, such as microfiber mops and cloths, high filtration vacuums, and specific vacuum attachments.

Our uniformed employees take pride in an award-winning safety record. Office Pride is fully bonded and insured and OSHA compliant. Material Safety Data Sheets are always kept on-site.

You don’t need to look at tons of research to understand why green cleaning is a better option for you, your business and your staff. When you choose Office Pride you don’t have to compromise and you can rest assured that steps are taken to assure that your space is “cleaned green”.

When it comes to sanitization and proper cleaning the Green cleaning method can get the job done just as well.

When you choose office pride you can rest assured that the job will be done right!

To find out more about Office Pride’s Green Cleaning commitment contact us today!

Office Pride, Proudly Listed As The Best Janitorial Service Company in The U.S

This spring Office Pride was once again listed as one of the best janitorial service companies in the United States. For several year’s now Office Pride has received outstanding reviews from both clients and employees as one of the best janitorial office cleaning businesses, and as one of the best places to work. The reason for this is because Office Pride continues to demonstrate it’s founding values in the way that it carries out business and provides services for it’s customers. This is particularly significant because while other cleaning businesses open and close each year, Office Pride Franchises continue to go strong. In fact, every year the Office Pride family grows as more entrepreneur franchisees purchase Office Pride franchises and open them in different cities throughout the country. This success doesn’t appear to be stopping any time soon and it is all because of Office Pride’s core value system.

What Are Office Pride’s Core Values?

For those who are visiting our Office Pride blog for the first time, the core values of Office Pride include:

• Honor God

• Always do what is right

• Increase brand value

• Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a work ethic

• Total customer satisfaction

• Go the extra mile

• Persevere with a servant’s attitude

• Accountability to commitments

By upholding these value standards throughout the Office Pride business model, Office Pride is able to assure that they always deliver excellent service.

Because Office Pride continues to emphasize their core foundation value system their franchise attracts operators and employees with similar belief systems and attitudes. These beliefs and attitudes are what drive Office Pride towards success. We like to say that without them we are “just another janitorial cleaning service”.

Ask anyone who the best commercial cleaners are and chances are they will mention Office Pride. Widely known for the wonderful service that they provide Office Pride continues to set the bar for what an excellent commercial cleaning business looks like.

How Office Pride is Different Than Other Office Cleaning Companies

Obviously, there are other businesses that provide office cleaning services in the Unites States but for some reason Office Pride continues to be one of the most sought after office cleaning companies out there. In today’s blog post we are going to talk about what makes Office Pride stand out as the best and why people continue to choose Office Pride franchises over the other options that are available.

1. Office Pride Has An Amazing Reputation

The most certain reason why Office Pride is considered to be one of the best Office Cleaning Companies whom you can hire is because of their fantastic reputation. No matter where you are located if you hire Office Pride to come in and clean your commercial space you can feel confident that they will do a great job. This is because the Office Pride operators across the country strive to uphold the excellent reputation that Office Pride has carved for itself. Because the owners are proud of their company they go above and beyond to uphold the standard of excellence that Office Pride has created.

2. Office Pride Has A Great System

Another reason why Office Pride is a great cleaning franchise is because of their standardized cleaning methods. Each franchise operates using the same cleaning methods and standards. They follow a very strict checklist to assure that everything is cleaned immaculately well. Not to mention Office Pride also has extremely high expectations when it comes to safety. Every staff member undergoes safety training before they begin cleaning commercial spaces. This guarantees that the job is done correctly and safely.

3. Office Pride Workers Love Their Work

Finally, one of the biggest difference between Office Pride and other office cleaners is the fact that Office Pride workers love their jobs. This makes a huge difference in how hard they work and their attitude towards what they do for a living. Because Office Pride gives people an opportunity to be self employed and reap the rewards of their hard work, Office Pride employees are generally happy in their positions as office cleaners. This translates into quality work and friendly staff. People are always commenting on how cheerful Office Pride workers seem to be.

If you really want to know why Office Pride is the best commercial cleaning franchise just look at the facts. Office Pride has a great reputation, the follow a perfect cleaning system, and their staff love what they do. These are the main reasons why Office Pride is one of the top office cleaning companies in the United States today.

Who Is The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise Based on Customer Satisfaction?

Thinking about buying a franchise?: Find out Who is The Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise Based on Customer Satisfaction.

If you have decided that this is the year when you change your life and invest in a franchise then we have something exciting to share with you. Once again Office Pride was selected as the best cleaning franchise for overall customer satisfaction in the United States. After extensive reviewing and polling of customers who subscribe to commercial cleaners for their office space it was revealed that Office Pride was the top contender for overall consumer experience. This means that business operators prefer to use Office Pride for their office cleaning services. It also reveals that Office Pride continues to deliver consistent service and maintains a reputation of excellence across the country. Not too shabby for an office cleaning franchise is it?

Another thing that should be said about Office Pride is how it stood up against small one off home-based office cleaning businesses. Although, these types of single person operations can often be successful when operated by a intelligent entrepreneur the long-term success rate, and opportunity for growth just does not compare. Yes, you could invest your money in cleaning supplies, a van, and begin to seek out your own clients. However, without a successful franchise reputation behind you, it is likely that you will have a difficult time growing. You will also find yourself in a position where you have to compete with much larger office cleaning franchises, like Office Pride – that can back their services with year’s of experience and a well known business name.

The good news is that if you have the motivation to start your own small office cleaning business then you are probably an excellent candidate to invest in an Office Pride franchise. As we mentioned before in 2014 Office Pride was once again recognized as one of the best cleaning franchises based on customer satisfaction. Individuals who purchase Office Pride franchise packages boast a vast rate of success. The reason for this is because they have the backing and support of their fellow Office Pride franchise operators.

If you want to take the leap into owning your own business then Office Pride is an excellent franchise opportunity to consider. They allow you operate your business independently while also providing you with the incentives of operating under a reputable name. In many ways Office Pride operators obtain the best of both worlds. They get to be their own boss without the stress of having to build up a brand reputation. This, is just one of the many reasons why Office Pride continues to be an attractive option for aspiring franchise buyers.

Find Out More About Joining The Office Pride Family

Why Office Pride is The Best Janitorial Service Company In 2015

As we make our way into the year 2015, many people are looking to make changes and start the year off with a bang. When it comes to improving lives and helping people achieve their new year goals Office Pride is no stranger. As one of the leading franchise opportunities in the United States it comes as no surprise that more people will be turning to Office Pride to help make “big changes” this year. This is because Office Pride offers employees and business operators opportunities that they cannot find anywhere else. Not to mention Office Pride has a unique value system that appeals to many people’s sense of integrity. Furthermore, it is Office Pride’s foolproof franchisee training program and support system that makes it an appealing opportunity that can alter many people’s lives for the better.

Why You Should Join The Office Pride Family in 2015

On the surface Office Pride may look like “just another” boring janitorial service company. However, when you look at bit closer at the Office Pride structure and business principles you will see that it is a company that cares about people and their businesses. It is a business that serves businesses by providing high quality cleaning services. It is also a company that gives people an opportunity to be their own boss and be the master of their own success. They do this by providing franchisees with all of the tools that they require to be successful. Really, all the entrepreneur needs to bring to the table is the drive to succeed.

The other reason why Office Pride appeals to so many people is because of their Christian values and dedication to serving god as well as the clients who employ them. The quote, “Persevere with a servant’s attitude” is part of Office Pride’s unique mission statement. This simply means that individuals who operate Office Pride franchise believe in what they do and take pride in the service that they provide. This leads to a higher quality of customer service than what you will find anywhere else!

Office Pride Sets You Up For Success

Just ask any one of the hundreds of successful Office Pride franchisees. Office pride is an outstanding franchise group to be part of. They provide you with all of the tools and support that you need to be successful. This is why so many people look to Office Pride to be the life changing opportunity that they put their faith into.

If you are thinking that 2015 is the year that you change the course of your life, then it should also be the year that you look into an Office Pride Janitorial Cleaning Company franchise opportunity.