3 Compelling reasons to keep your office clean

When you arrive at your office door and see the workplace in front of you, what do you see? Are you seeing a clean office or a disorganized untidy one? Is it making you enthusiastic to do your job for the day or wanting to turn around and go home?

Several studies in the past have shown that a clean office creates good vibes among employees, which can help boost productivity in business. Tidiness and orderliness in the workplace matter not only because “neat is pleasant”, but because the opposite can cause some negative effects for your business. When a workspace is disorganized, it’s hard to process data, not to mention concentrate on the needs of activities and projects. A disorganized office can also negatively influence your mental and professional well-being.

Here are three compelling reasons why commercial cleaning is important in every business:

1) Reducing mess decreases workplace stress

Paper disarray is the main commercial cleaning challenge in a work environment. In a scattered office, it’s easy to lose documents. That can be distressing, particularly when a fellow employee or customer is sitting directly in front of you requesting the documents.

It is unpleasant when employees are not able to immediately find reminders, reports, customer records and other documents within the bulk of disorganized files. Many employees keep everything because they are anxious that they might make a wrong decision if these documents are thrown away, so they end up spending money to buy storage for various duplicates of the same reports. The solution for document mess is to make a set of guidelines on what sort of documents to keep and what to discard.

2) Cleaning makes us feel better

Sorting and fixing are the initial two stages in the prominent 5S approach that can be applied to any business. The 5S strategy is an efficient way to deal with making a systematic work environment that helps easily discover waste and make variations from the norm quickly noticed.

A key part of cleaning is disposing of what you aren’t utilizing which saves time, space and energy for more important things. Another reason why business cleaning matters is that you can accomplish more in less time with a tidier office.

3) Cleanliness builds confidence

Your office mirrors you and your organization. It is important that it provides good first impressions among customers as first impression, as we know it, can last. What do your customers, merchant partners, prospective workers and other guests see? A grimy lunchroom, jumbled work area or muddled gathering area does not create trust among customers about your professionalism or ability to manage the finer details.

Consider the possibility that you set aside a commercial cleaning budget for a general office cleaning session that incorporates clearing desktops and recording or destroying no-longer-useful documents (and Office Pride can help you with that). Anything that is no longer needed could be set on a swap table for other employees to take.

Having a commercial cleaning service taking care of the workplace you should not be surprised to find an increase in employee morale, as your office is transformed into a better environment to work in.

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Choosing an office cleaning and janitorial service provider

Keeping a workplace clean and sanitary is a key factor to the success of any business. This is the reason why companies include office cleaning and janitorial maintenance in their overall business process, and many consider hiring a janitorial service provider as the most viable option for effective office cleaning.

For those businesses that are still looking for a good janitorial service/office cleaning contractor, here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Begin shopping for janitorial service / office cleaning contractor by receiving price quotes. Today, there are many janitorial service providers in almost all areas so this thing should not be that difficult to do. It is important to note that when asking for a quote, a company should request for a list of services that they offer. Most will provide mopping, vacuuming, cleaning, and sanitizing of the bathroom and dusting. Some may be offering carpet cleaning a few times a year, but it may or may not be included in the quotes. The janitorial service package should be examined closely to know which provider is giving the best deal possible.

Step 2: Asking for proof of insurance. This is imperative to ensure you are not liable in case an incident happens to the technician(s) cleaning the workplace.

Step 3: Read the contract thoroughly. Many janitorial service providers want their clients to sign a contract, locking them into their service for a pretty long time (e.g. on an annual basis). Remember that such a long period is not necessary. At Office Pride for instance, the company has designed its contract with their customers on a monthly basis.

Step 4: Consider the length of experience the company has. There are office cleaning and janitorial service providers that have been around for some years and there are also those who have been in business for decades. It makes sense to choose a company with more years of experience.

Step 5: Secure references from the company. A reputable office cleaning and janitorial service provider should be able to provide references – its previous and current clients. These references are able to provide authentic, reliable information about the service provider’s performance.

Above are the steps that can be followed to find the most reliable provider possible. Keep in mind that every customer is unique and that one is free to add additional factors as part of the criteria for selection, which are specific to a customer’s need.

5 ways Office Cleaning Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Aside from an improved aesthetics, there’s another important reason why janitorial service and office cleaning play an important role in an office facility – it can boost productivity. How? Based on several studies, here are 5 ways a clean office promotes workplace productivity:

  • Less sick days – with a clean office, fewer employees get sick and that means less filed sick leaves. According to a new report sick days are costing the public sector about 3.5 billion dollars annually of lost productivity and revenue. Such amounts can be greatly reduced with a clean office.
  • Boosting employees’ morale – a clean office creates a positive atmosphere inside an office that clears minds, and enhances employees’ enthusiasm to fulfill their duties at work. With this it makes sense to improve one’s office to become a more inviting place, so that when an employee comes in he/she is able to jump start the morning correctly which results to a higher level of workplace productivity.
  • Cleaning makes office equipment more efficient – regular janitorial service and office cleaning service providers can also include the cleaning of office equipment. When equipment like printers, photocopiers, fax machine, AC units are well-maintained, problems like breakages are lessen, avoiding decreases in workplace productivity.
  • Organizing an office makes employees more productive – easy to find tools/equipment or other items needed in performing office duties will make the workers more efficient. Imagine a minute wasted when searching for a pen in a cluttered desk multiplied by a number of instances and number of employees – that is a pretty big waste of production time. A more organized office is key to running an office smoothly, with efficiency. A professional janitorial service and office cleaning provider can help address this issue.
  • A clean office increases customer satisfaction – when an office is clean and appealing, it can attract more clients and that means more money coming in.

Office Pride – janitorial service and office cleaning provider

Office Pride has been serving clients with top quality janitorial and commercial cleaning services. With offices present in strategic locations throughout the country, clients can rest assured that there will be professional Office Pride technicians ready to cater to all of their commercial cleaning needs.

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Office Pride shares spring cleaning checklist

Office Pride has been providing different clients from different states with top quality office cleaning and commercial cleaning services. With offices present in strategic locations across the country, clients can rest assured that there will be professional Office Pride technicians ready to cater to all of their commercial cleaning needs. Office Pride has established a 24/7 emergency cleaning program to see to it that clients are provided services right when they need it.

Apart from Office Pride’s goal to always deliver commercial cleaning services that a good-paying client deserves to receive, we also aim to be a provider of information that the company believes useful — in one way or another — to regular clients as well as to prospects through the company website.

In this post, we wanted to share some useful insights by providing a spring cleaning checklist that can help freshen up office spaces as well as other commercial facilities.

When cleaning an office, don’t forget to include the following items: (of course, Office Pride is always ready to help should your office need our service – contact us)

  • Your desktop computer – wipe not just the dust and stubborn dirt out from the keyboards, computer screen, and other peripheral devices but the inside the computer as well (e.g. organize folders, delete unwanted files)
  • Supply drawer – a drawer divider can help to sort items such as paper clips, pens, staples, and other office supplies (and throw away items that are no longer in use)
  • Filing cabinets – double check the filing cabinet to see to it that all unnecessary items are removed, consider color coding to organize important documents
  • The phone – this could be one of the germ ridden items in the office, considering how many people use it daily – cleaning and sanitizing this item is necessary
  • Binders/document holders – organize incoming and outgoing transactions by putting them in a document holder with their respective labels – this helps remove clutter from the top of any desk
  • Papers – are one of the items that take up huge space inside an office facility – keeping this item manageable is necessary
  • Decor – too many accessories inside the office such as old calendars and outdated magazines should be removed.
  • Dedicated place for meal break – instead of taking lunch at workstations, a dedicated room/space (i.e. office pantry) can be installed – food leftovers, coffee and other condiment spills at workstations are avoided.

There are several other items that are to be taken into consideration as well (that are not included in the list above) and your office cleaning technicians should be able to manage them as well.

It’s always good to maintain office cleanliness as this provides a healthier work environment and helps minimize clutter as well.

For office cleaning and commercial cleaning service inquires, send us a message.

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Show Some Love With A Clean Office This Valentine’s Day

The season of love is here and many of us do not want to let this moment pass without showing some gestures of affection to our loved ones. This season is not just about sharing love with your significant other; it is also meant for other important people in our life – our office staff, friends, neighbors, etc.

Speaking of office staff, you spend a huge chunk of your time every day with them (apart from your family). That means, showing some love this season is relevant and thus will leave a meaningful mark in their hearts. But how? Well, you might find surprising them with a newly-cleaned office is a great idea.

Making your office clean – a gesture of love and care

You might think that office cleaning is just a little thing but several studies in the past suggest that employees appreciate even small gestures of care. When they get into the office early in the morning with a newly-polished floor and bright windows with tidy workstations, it will surely send good vibes throughout the day. The fact that they have it on a Valentine’s Day, the season is truly worth-remembering.

Clean Workplace = Happy Workplace

A clean environment invigorates our senses and can make everyone happy. You should not be surprised when you see your staff with sweet smiles and more eager to work on their task assignments. In other words, it can improve productivity. No wonder why the recent analysis by ISSA about clean workplace suggests that putting some investment in office cleaning can improve the bottom line.

Let the pros take care of it

There are compelling reasons why hiring a professional cleaning service provider is the way to go – as opposed to doing it on your own with your in-house cleaner. For one, they have years of experience in doing the task and that means they have their process refined to meet your unique cleaning needs. Another thing is that they have teams readily available to address the scale of your cleaning tasks.

Why choose Office Pride

Office Pride has been servicing clients across different states (you can check our branch locations here) with an array of cleaning services – be it an office, medical, or school facility. Our years of experience in business mirror the quality of services we have been providing to our clients.

Interested to learn more about Office Pride’s cleaning service? Contact us for your inquiries or fill-out our Cleaning Quote form to learn more.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Why Green Cleaning is Important for a Healthy Office Environment

There are very few people who recognize the health risks that they face when they come into contact with toxic cleaning products. At Office Pride we are dedicated to helping create safer workplaces by using 100% green cleaning materials. In today’s blog we are going to share our top 3 tips for creating an environmentally friendly green clean office space.

1. Quick fixes aren’t always the most green solution

Many people are looking for a quick fix for odors and disinfecting. Air fresheners and fabric protectors have been linked to endocrine system issues. We advise that offices stay away from using spray air fresheners or protectants. These can be hazardous to the health of your employees and clients.

2. Reading the labels is the key

Office cleaning products these days will be marketed as environmentally friendly. However a close inspection of the label will help you sort the real green products from the imitation ones. You will want to be weary of cleaning products that do not list all of their ingredients. Be on the lookout for cleaning ingredients that are known to be green and are easy to understand.

3. The technology you use to clean should be green also

In order to have a truly green clean space you will want to use cleaning technology that is also green friendly. Make an effort to choose a commercial cleaning company that uses green cleaning processes and machines. Look for energy efficient vacuums and cleaners.

In this day and age green cleaning is important for a healthy office environment. For very little additional cost businesses can create clean office spaces without any health risks for their employees. The current trend in office cleaning is green and environmentally friendly solutions. When you are choosing a commercial cleaner for your office space this is something important to take into consideration.

Best Customer Satisfaction Commercial Cleaning Company

Did you know that Office Pride has been recognized as one of the best commercial cleaning companies for customer satisfaction in the country?

If you are looking for a highly recommended office cleaning franchise Office Pride is an excellent choice.

Not only is Office Pride one of the top choices for office cleaning they also provide a variety of other commercial cleaning services, such as floor cleaning and janitorial services. Office Pride’s services extend beyond offices. Providing professional cleaning for medical facilities, churches, schools and industrial businesses.

When choosing Office Pride you can feel confident in your choice because Office pride has a quality guarantee. Every Office Pride franchise follows the same quality clean checklist. You won’t get a more consistent clean anywhere.

More Reasons To Choose Office Pride

  • We are complete commercial cleaning services and total floor care experts.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal and commercial cleaning with “No Headaches Attached®” is our brand promise.
  • Our Quality Inspection Program ensures we do what we promise with every cleaning. Our Customer Retention rates prove it.
  • Our Customer Retention Rate is over 90% in an industry that averages 63%.
  • Customized Cleaning Specifications are established with each customer which our cleaners are then individually trained to accomplish with each cleaning.
  • Our Uniformed Cleaners are nationally background checked, insured, bonded and OSHA trained [Bloodborne Pathogen and HIPAA trained if required by the type of facility].
  • For your protection our unique Color-Coded Cleaning System eliminates potential for cross-contamination between restrooms and offices, break rooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, etc.
  • For your protection we use Green Seal™ certified cleaning products along with the most advanced and effective cleaning equipment available.

Anyone who is looking for an exceptional commercial cleaning service should consider Office Pride. We take great pride in the work that we do!

Best Rated Commercial Cleaning Company

Office Pride is the best rated commercial cleaning company in the United States!?

Office Pride is one of the top rated commercial cleaning franchises in the United States. The reason for this is because across the map Office Pride is committed to quality and customer service. No matter what city you live in, if you are looking for a commercial cleaner you can count on Office Pride. For aspiring business owners Office Pride is a franchise of choice because of their excellent reputation and dedication to providing constant services for their customers.

When you want it clean, trust the green!

In the United States there are many commercial cleaning companies to choose from. However, more and more business operators choose Office Pride for their cleaning services because of Office Pride’s fantastic reputation. When you choose an Office Pride franchise to come in and clean your business you know that you are getting a cleaning company that cares. Not to mention, Office Pride provides fantastic support for their franchisees so that customers receive consistent services.

What do you get when you choose Office Pride?

  1. Custom cleaning specifications, to guarantee that you get what you need!
  2. Quality inspections and online communication so that you know that your office has been cleaned!
  3. High customer retention rates! (Office Pride boasts over 90% customer retention)
  4. Guaranteed satisfaction! We are committed to a long-term customer relationship with our clients.
  5. Performance based agreements
  6. Honesty, integrity and hard work ethic!
  7. Office Pride uses a color-coded cleaning system to assure that there is no cross contamination between restrooms, break rooms, offices and waiting rooms.
  8. For safety Office Pride uses green seal certified cleaning products
  9. All Office Pride associates are uniformed and present themselves professionally
  10. All Office Pride employees are fully insured, bonded and undergo background checks.