Flu Season Calls for Professional Cleaning from Office Pride

Using green practices and professional products, the commercial cleaning business keeps facilities mostly germ-free

As Old Man Winter settles in, so does the chance of spreading flu germs in commercial spaces. Daycare facilities, offices and medical centers are prime breeding spaces for germs. While basic handwashing and good hygiene should always be practiced, sometimes that alone is not enough to keep germs at bay. The Office Pride cleaning franchise thoroughly cleans every surface in commercial establishments with professional cleaning materials that are tough enough to handle the job.

This means a much reduced incidence of nasty germs liable to make employees and customers sick. Office Pride uses a proprietary process with Green Seal™ commercial cleaning products that keep facilities in top shape. Office Pride workers are trained to use the color-coded system followed by the commercial cleaning business to avoid cross-contamination between various areas of an office space. Office Pride delivers custom cleaning solutions for a variety of commercial establishments from doctors’ offices and medical centers to schools, daycare centers, churches and more.

Even if commercial facilities are cleaned often, germs can spread quickly during flu season. The Office Pride janitorial business franchise can work with your business to deliver a custom cleaning schedule that can stay one step ahead of germs. With your commercial cleaning needs taken care of Office Pride, your business can be a safe place for employees and visitors all through the worst of flu season.

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Office Pride Offers Complete Floor Care Services To Make Businesses Shine

Commercial cleaning business handles all flooring and carpet and is an especially important proposition when dealing with winter foot traffic  

Old Man Winter is right around the corner and that means high-traffic floors get a worse beating than ever. Snow or ice tracked in on muddy boots damage the look of your business. Winter is an especially important time to pay attention to floor care as salt scuffs and moisture can permanently damage floors potentially leading to significant expenses down the line.

Office Pride, the commercial cleaning business, provides thorough cleaning for all areas of your business so your facility is sparkling no matter the season. Office Pride’s professionally trained account managers take pride in delivering the best services using the latest equipment and technology including Green Seal™ certified commercial cleaning products.

The commercial cleaning business follows specific rigorous procedures for every aspect of floor care from stripping, seal and waxing to deep scrub and finish. The cleaning franchise also does high-speed burnishing and scrub and buff. Office Pride is completely knowledgeable about OSHA rules and is fully compliant, bonded and insured. Clients can include routine scrubbing and mopping as part of their commercial cleaning services and also carpet and hard floor care.

Equally important, Office Pride is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. The cleaning franchise delivers top-notch services with honesty and integrity and always goes the extra mile in keeping clients satisfied. The commercial cleaning business customizes quotes for all its clients and customers can pick and choose the frequency of services and the areas you want cleaned more often. Office Pride handles all aspects of commercial cleaning from restrooms to floor care so clients can attend to what they love to do best.

Office Pride’s complete suite of floor care offerings will ensure that winter’s harsh elements won’t prevent your business from looking its very best.

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Office Pride’s School and Daycare Cleaning Is a Class Apart

Cleaning franchise wins top marks for meticulous attention to professional cleaning of educational facilities

The common narrative around schools and daycare centers is that they are a hotbed of germs. While you can’t help kids sneezing freely and not washing their hands, you can do something about the cleanliness and safety of your daycare business or school. You can ensure kids are coming to the best maintained facilities while minimizing the spread of germs with thorough professional cleaning.

Office Pride’s thorough daycare cleaning system ensures that every nook, cranny, desk and work surface kids are exposed to is precision cleaned. Employees of the national cleaning franchise take pride in their service delivery and are trained and vetted in all aspects of operational procedures.

While some cleaning agencies might use the same dusting rag or mops in the restroom and classroom, Office Pride works with a special color-coded cleaning system to avoid contamination of products and supplies. You can rest assured that each facility and room gets tailored, custom treatment. Office Pride’s commercial cleaning business also delivers extensive floor and carpet cleaning solutions to keep daycare centers and schools looking their best.

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that their kids are spending the day in top-notch facilities maintained by Office Pride. The national cleaning franchise uses only Green Seal™ certified products which are safe for everyday use. Instead of residential cleaning supplies that don’t do the job on a large scale, Office Pride uses professional cleaning systems and supplies.

Office Pride keeps daycare centers and schools and other commercial institutions looking their very best. A combination of color-coded cleaning systems, professional cleaning supplies and a highly trained staff means your institution will always shine. Office Pride also delivers a Custom Cleaning Specification for each client which means facility managers can dictate what will be cleaned when and modify the plan as needed.

With Office Pride, daycare centers and educational facilities need no longer be a refuge for germs but clean and inviting spaces.

For more information about Office Pride’s cleaning procedures for daycare and educational institutions, and to get a free quote, visit www.officepride.com.

A Silver Anniversary Celebration for Today’s Best Business Cleaning Service

Twenty-five years ago, Todd Hopkins began a thesis for his Master’s degree. His goal was to implement faith-based principles into a commercial and janitorial business franchise model that was scalable and easy to enter.

Now, nearly two and a half decades later, the profitable and growing Office Pride brand is showing signs that it will surpass its original goals and become America’s leading business cleaning service. Just off the heels of the Office Pride 25-Year Anniversary Celebration and Annual Retreat, several franchise operators have earned awards that show why Office Pride slays its competition.

We treat your business like our business,” said David Stein of East Texas. Stein recently was awarded both the Integrity Award and Community Service Award. “We operate with integrity, day in and day out…from floor to ceiling, we make our customers our number one priority,” said Stein.

Two ways this business cleaning service outshines its competition include its community impact and involvement and the fact that it always goes the extra mile.

Not Just About the Bottom Line

Office Pride encourages each of its owner/operators to get involved in their communities. Many of the Office Pride owners serve on nonprofit boards and support local organizations to improve the lives of the community in which they serve.

Brothers Jason and Simon Courtney of Pensacola, Florida recently won the Franchise of the Year Award from Office Pride. The brothers make local community give-back a priority as they plan their business growth and expand their customer base at a manageable rate.

Each community is different, and there is no cookie cutter approach to cleaning,” said Jason. “Our business is relational and we recognize the need for loyal and trustworthy people taking care of your cleaning needs.”

It’s this relationship between Office Pride and its clients that earned Office Pride a 20% sales growth in 2016 according to Franchise Times Magazine.

Going the Extra Mile

It’s a foundational concept in the Office Pride Culture Book (yep, Todd Hopkins wrote his company’s own Culture Book!) And from the time a new franchise is born, each owner is educated on the vision, purpose, mission and values of Office Pride.

We are responsive, professional and consistent,” said Andre Truitt of Rapid City, South Dakota. Andre and his wife Karie won the coveted “Beverly McQueen Brand Ambassador” award this year. The couple points to striving to exceed customer expectations each and every time their staff enter a building.

Many janitorial and commercial cleaning companies attempt to short-cut to increase profitability. This is not part of the culture of Office Pride. Instead, Office Pride owners go the extra mile and learn the ins and outs of each of their client’s building needs. Then, the bid for cleaning services is custom-tailored to those specific needs and based upon a solid model of hard work and integrity.

We couldn’t be prouder of being Office Pride owners,” said Karie. “We get excellent support and training from Office Pride’s headquarters and we are able to implement the best the cleaning industry has to offer, including the top-rated Green Seal Technology.”

Looking for better cleaning of your building or office space in 2018? Consider top-ranked Office Pride. You can call (727) 754-5990 for a no obligation quote. Or you can email us for more details on how we can support your business in this upcoming new year.

The True Cost of Using Dirty Sanitation Tools

Office Pride’s color-coded systems and professional cleaning tools prevent cross-contamination in office cleaning

Would you get rid of a tree stump using a kitchen knife? You need the correct tool to fit the job.

The same theory should extend to commercial office cleaning jobs, but it’s surprising just how many vendors continue to use inefficient residential cleaning supplies where industrial-strength materials are called for. Worse, in the interest of shaving off a few dollars they often use the same sponges and other materials from room to room. Instead of getting rid of germs, they might inadvertently be helping to transport them.

The true cost of dirty tools is a direct hit on your bottom line because of sick employees and absenteeism. Office Pride has more than 25 years of commercial cleaning experience and prides itself on delivering professional office cleaning that will make your business stand out and equally important, protect your employees from harsh germs at the workplace. Fewer germs at the workplace often lead to healthier employees, which in turn makes for increased productivity. There’s a direct correlation between the cleanliness and sanitation of your business and your official bottom line.

Office Pride combines Green Seal™ certified cleaning products with the latest equipment and technology, including micro-fiber mops, high-filtration vacuums and advanced technology floor care machines. Office Pride’s cleaning professionals are trained to work with our color-coded system which has been an effective way to stem cross-contamination. Break rooms, restrooms, waiting rooms, exam rooms, and even desktops get their own special treatment.

And before you think that such an efficient and well-executed office cleaning system might bust your budget, Office Pride offers comprehensive cleaning services at affordable prices. What’s more, Office Pride doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Each business receives a custom quote and Custom Cleaning Specification (CSS), which can be tweaked over time as needs evolve.

Pride in our work, honesty and integrity are values woven into our mission. Green and efficient office cleaning supplies, our color-coded cleaning system and our core principles of customer service and always going the extra mile mean our clients receive top-notch cleaning that always makes their business shine.

Learn more about Office Pride’s color-coded cleaning system and call us for a free quote.

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Shining Through the End of the Year with Only the Best Commercial Cleaning

Ending the fourth quarter strong is the goal of every business…and this extends to finding and retaining the best commercial cleaning that the industry has to offer. So as October nears, have you evaluated your commercial cleaning needs? If you are ready to make a change, consider the Total Package offered by Office Pride Commercial Cleaning.

Consistently ranked high by its clients (and its franchisees), Office Pride provides comprehensive and customizable cleaning for a variety of buildings. No surface nor floor is left without a cleaning that follows stringent guidelines that ensure Total Customer Satisfaction.

“It’s important for us that our clients trust each of our team,” said district manager Todd Jones. “We try to do things to honor God and we try to partner with people who want to do things the right way with honesty and integrity.” This means that each franchise owner is invested in 100% customer satisfaction and that means hiring trustworthy people and training them well.

Consider these few must-have’s when evaluating your commercial cleaning needs as you end this year strong and are prepared for 2018!

A Company Rated High by Its Customers

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning has a “No Headaches Attached” Trademark and guarantee! And, in an industry whose customer retention rate is about 63 percent, Office Pride outshines with a 90% customer retention rate! Office Pride stays ahead of the game by setting itself apart from the competition through its rock-solid base of core values and training.

All employees follow specific guidelines for the cleaning needs of the office space, medical office, school, hospital or church building. In fact, Office Pride was just named a best commercial cleaning company by Top Ten Reviews in two categories: Best for Large Businesses and Best for Floors.

Customer Happiness Is the Main Goal

Each franchisee is trained to complete quality inspections and become very close with their clients. The clients are kept in the loop on all aspects of the cleaning process. The beauty of this commercial cleaning company is that it offers a comprehensive and customizable cleaning plan. When looking for the best clean for your floors, surfaces, restrooms, upholstery, trash, kitchen and more, consider the happiness of Office Pride’s existing customer base.

“Commercial cleaning is a way of life for us,” said Carlos Toro of Virginia Beach, Virgina. “It’s important that my wife and I know each client and are available to listen to their specific needs and ensure they are being met, day in and day out.”

An Ability to do both Small and Big Projects with Ease and Confidence

Not all commercial cleaning companies offer a total floor care plan. If you are wanting your commercial cleaning company to be ready for the small and the big projects like maintaining floors, then look to Office Pride. The advanced system offered by this top-rated company includes stripping, sealing, waxing, vacuuming and mopping. Each employee is trained to buff, deep scrub, refresh and deodorize.

It’s really a floor to ceiling approach, that’s garnered the accolades of property managers and building owners alike. Plus, each employee is nationally background-checked, insured, bonded and OSHA-trained. Not all commercial cleaning companies can tout this. So, buyer beware.

Ready to find out for yourself why Office Pride outshines its competition? Take a moment to call us for a FREE, No-Obligation Consult at 727-754-5990

It’s the best way to end 2017 and start your new year afresh!

Office Pride Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Phil Wickham

The christian business honored to host a special performance from Contemporary Christian musician, singer and songwriter  

Office Pride, the national faith-based franchise, kicked-off their 25th anniversary celebration at this year’s annual conference in Palm Harbor, Florida from September 27-30. The brand’s philosophy is rooted in celebrating franchisee successes as part of one large family and this was indeed the case as franchisees from all over the country networked and shared experiences and ideas over the four-day retreat.

One of the many highlights of the celebration was the awards ceremony in which special guest Phil Wickham joined the franchisees to memorialize their successes of the past and glorify the future with a special performance including This Is Amazing Grace, Your Love Awakens Me and more of his top hits. Audience members danced and sang along creating an incredible night full of love.

As attendees wrapped up this year’s retreat, Wickham rejoined the group the final morning for Reflection and preformed an acoustic set of songs to further inspire and excite the franchise family for the future.

Office Pride was honored to have Wickham join the celebration – it was a dream come true for CEO and founder, Todd Hopkins. As the brand expands and looks forward to 25+ more years, the christian business is dedicated to keeping its core values front and center and it was made clear by having Phil Wickham at the kick-off.

Learn how you can become a part of Office Pride’s growing franchise family. 

For more information about franchise opportunities with Office Pride, please visit www.officepridefranchise.com.

What Office Pride’s Honesty and Integrity Mean for Customers

Office Pride consistently nets high marks for customer satisfaction in the commercial cleaning industry and it’s easy to see why.

When it comes to commercial cleaning, Office Pride understands you want someone reliable with an excellent work ethic who can deliver on time every time. This is exactly what Office Pride’s “No Headaches Attached®” brand promise is built on.

We believe in going the extra mile for complete customer satisfaction. In fact, it’s written into our core beliefs and values, and is one of the cornerstones of our operating principles. We hire only the best employees whose honesty and integrity are reflected in their work. They take PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Daily Effort) and all employees are bonded, insured and OSHA-trained to ensure the best outcomes for your commercial cleaning needs.

Each Office Pride location is independently owned and owners are invested in ensuring that customers receive the very best services. Office Pride does not believe in a one size fits all approach. Instead, each customer receives a Customized Cleaning Specification (CSS) that factors in the commercial cleaning needs of the specific business. And since Office Pride has experience in a variety of spaces from offices to banks to hospitals and schools and churches, we know the specific demands associated with each.

What’s more, Office Pride provides a variety of cleaning options from carpet cleaning, restroom sanitization, hardwood maintenance, window cleaning and more so the CSS a client receives can accommodate a variety of commercial cleaning needs. Office Pride works closely with customers to review this CSS periodically to ensure that current demands are being met. Office Pride’s employees are specifically trained according to each client’s CSS so customers can rest assured that they are receiving the best combination of services specifically tailored to their business.

Office Pride stands behind the “No Headaches Attached®” promise in many additional ways. Customers are not bound to long-term unwieldy contracts so in essence Office Pride earns their business anew every visit. Office Pride believes in recruiting honest people with high integrity and this is reflected in our customer satisfaction, which has netted us numerous Consumer Choice awards. We believe in going the extra mile — and it shows.

Learn more about why you should choose Office Pride for your commercial cleaning needs and call us for a free quote.