How to Maintain the Clean Environment of Collaborative Offices in Virginia Beach

The collaborative offices of Virginia Beach have taken down the cubicle walls and provided smaller workstations that are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. Others have long tables with no walls or separation from other workers whatsoever, and employees may work individually or in groups wherever they want. This is being done to help encourage teamwork and collaboration but without stifling individual creativity or freedoms. However, along with these advantages are challenges in keeping the office clean and safe for everyone. More cleaning and sanitizing is required from your janitorial service Virginia Beach VA because the staff share chairs, desks, keyboards, etc. and germs can easily transfer from one person to another.

Office Pride always looks for ways to make your business as clean and germ-free as possible, and so we will share the following tips to help in maintaining the cleanliness of your collaborative office. Read more about them below:

  • Vacuum carpets, floors and upholstery
    Aside from the aesthetics of the office, maintaining a clean and spotless upholstery, carpets and floors is necessary in keeping the staff healthy and productive. Vacuuming helps to keep allergens to a minimum as well as eliminating dirt in the fabric. Identify the high-traffic areas of the office and schedule a daily vacuum for those places. Have also deep cleaning for your carpet or flooring depending on the experienced foot traffic to keep everything spic and span. As for your upholstered furnishings, get them deep-cleaned as well at least once a year, and sometimes more often in highly used areas of the office.
  • Centralize the waste area
    Garbage tends to get left behind on tables for someone else to pick up in shared work areas. To address this, wastebaskets must be placed strategically to make it easier for workers to properly dispose of trash. Place bins in high traffic areas including elevator areas, restrooms, break-rooms, near fax and copy machines and main entryways.
  • Maintain clean kitchens and break-rooms
    The break-rooms or kitchens can be one of the busiest places in collaborative offices or any office and mess can pile up fast here. So to keep bacteria and odor from spreading in the office, it is essential that these places are always clean and sanitary. Create policies for employees to follow with regards to dirty dishes and leftovers so that everyone can enjoy their break times and keep things clean and ensure good air quality.
  • Clean and sanitize the common areas
    Since employees do not have their own office space or desk and basically share the space with other employees, germs spread easily. It is important that common work areas are kept clean and sanitized regularly. Make sure that the janitorial service Virginia Beach VA focus on cleaning and sanitizing the tables, desks and other work surfaces, phones, chairs, keyboards and computer mice. This can be done using microfiber dusters and sanitizing daily using high quality products to keep clean. Also, it is advantageous to have sanitizing wipes at each station for employees to wipe down their own station before and after work.

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