Top Tips for Cleaning a School in Longview

Longview schools need to be kept clean at all times to keep students safe from viruses and infections. Some schools hire a janitorial service Longview TX just to ensure that the kids are free from ailments and be at their best to learn. To help with the school cleaning, here are top tips in keeping a cleaner and healthier environment for education:


  • Keep the windows clean
    During mid-term and term breaks, the school windows should be cleaned to allow light enter the classroom area.
  • Use non-toxic products and follow directions
    Students are often sensitive to strong cleaning chemicals so it is better to check if these products have neutral pH levels and no known carcinogens, no fragrance and volatile organic compounds, and biodegradable. The janitors who use cleaners and disinfectants must read and understand all instruction labels and understand safe and appropriate use.
  • Clean and disinfect regularly
    It is important to have a routine cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces around the school. This means that surfaces should be cleaned first like dusting, wiping, sweeping or vacuuming, before applying any disinfectants to kill the germs on these surfaces. This is done daily giving more attention to high touch areas like desks, countertops, doorknobs, computer keyboards, hands-on learning items, faucet handles, railings, phones, drinking fountains and toys. School bathrooms should be disinfected many times during the day as well. For cleaning body fluids or blood, use gloves and other standard precautions to avoid coming into contact with the fluid. Remove the spill, and then clean and disinfect the surface. Use proper equipment to clean, including high-efficiency vacuums and filters, and conduct deep cleaning of kitchens, cafeterias and other food use areas.
  • Dispose waste properly
    The school should develop a standard procedure for handling waste. Gloves should be worn when disposing garbage daily. Have no-touch waste baskets placed in different areas of the school.

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