Easy Practices to Control Allergens in Offices in Kilgore

Workplace allergens are a serious concern for any business owner in Kilgore. This could be reasons for losing productivity and employees leaving. It is a matter that should be addressed with a good service of commercial cleaning Kilgore TX and awareness of every employee of the matter. So it is important to reduce the risk of your workers developing office allergies, making your business a more comfortable place to work. Consider the following practices and try to apply them in your office.

  • Keep the windows closed during pollen season
    It is important to close the windows during pollen season to reduce the levels of pollen and other airborne particles getting in the office. An air purifier with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters can also help in preventing them from dispersing throughout the building.
  • Regularly clean office hotspots to control dust mites
    Carpets, upholstered furniture and even cubicle walls may harbour dust mites. Regular daily cleaning of these places including the computer and desk with microfiber cloths is necessary. The carpets need to be vacummed as they are prone to collecting dust and other allergens.
  • Give considerations to colleagues with animal allergies
    Even if the office is pet free, people can still carry cat or dog fur and dander in on their clothing. An employee sitting within a meter of someone with animal allergy can trigger allergic reactions. Avoid placing allergy sufferers and pet owners near each other in the office as much as possible.
  • Use fragrance free and green products
    Some cleaning products emit strong noxious odors, such as ammonia, and some produce particulates, including air fresheners and ozone generators can can cause allergic attacks and asthma. Do not use aerosol spray cleaners and use only products that have minimal odors or that are fragrance free and environment-friendly. Opt for green cleaning products with Green Seal of Approval on labels and switch to cleaning products with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Conduct a regular HVAC system maintenance
    For a better indoor air quality, the HVAC system needs regular preventive maintenance. The HVAC air filters should get change from time to time to maintain good indoor humidity levels and air quality.
  • Limit the growth of molds
    Mold requires water to grow. This can be either liquid water, as from a leaky pipe or roof or a puddle, or condensation on windows. Mold releases more spores that can trigger allergic symptoms. Clean up spills and moisture right away and regularly remove the top soil of office plants to control molds.

To avoid lost productivity and reduce the number of sick days your employees, make sure to apply these practices and hire quality commercial cleaning Kilgore TX for your office. Call Office Pride of East Texas to render the best cleaning services at 903-730-6342!