Medical Office Cleaning in East Texas: Caring for Every Part of the Medical Office

The cleaning requirements of a medical facility is different from any other business. Great emphasis is given on hygiene and sanitation to prevent healthcare associated infections (HAI). Having a medically cleaned environment also reflects on the professional image and can positively impact the likelihood of patients returning. So here are some ways to care for every area of the medical office from Office Pride’s medical office cleaning East Texas:

1. Rest Rooms
Examine the public and employee comfort rooms, and add a disinfectant germicidal solution to the toilet bowls during the day (as directed on the bottle). Replace toilet paper as needed.
2. Waiting Rooms
Avoid crowding, minimizing the sharing of toys, and shorten waiting times to lessen transmission of infectious agents. Always clean toys in a dishwasher at the end of each day to decrease microbial contamination and eliminate bodily fluids. Clean your carpet and floors regularly and remove scuff marks from walls and moldings.
3. Personal and Diagnostic Equipment
A reasonable means of decreasing contamination is to wipe the bell and diaphragm of the stethoscope as well as the handle and body of otoscopes or ophthalmoscopes regularly and whenever they become soiled. Ballpoint pens, patient charts, computer keyboards, and the mouse can be contaminated with infectious agents that can be transmitted by hands to other environmental sources. Because these items rarely are cleaned, hand-washing before and after patient contact is necessary to minimize the potential transfer of bacteria and viruses from equipment to patients.
4. Sink with Counter-top
Properly functioning sinks with adjacent soap dispensers and disposable towels should be conveniently located in all patient care areas.
5. Exam Rooms
Appropriate disinfectants are needed to remove any bacterial contamination from equipments and furnitures. The examination table should be covered with disposable paper or linen, which is changed between patients. The wiping down of the cushioned surface with disposable wipes soaked in a disinfectant cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions can help stop the spread of disease.
6. The Floor
Considering everything that might fall to the floor, use a cleaner and disinfectant. Vacuum floors first and use flat mops to reach in small areas and under cabinets and chairs. Spills involving blood or body fluids contaminated with blood, floors should be first cleaned with detergent, then disinfected promptly using a freshly prepared bleach solution.

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