Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services Helps Sarasota Sparkle Even Brighter

Sarasota shines as a “Best Small City” as rated by Money Magazine. So it makes sense that the office buildings and other facilities of this beloved city are well-maintained and cleaned.

Sarasota Office Pride Commercial Cleaning, operated by local Pastor Ray Dick and his wife Natasha, works together with the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce to enhance the quality of life in this beautiful coastal town. And many Sarasota businesses have found OP through the ongoing efforts of the local Chamber.


“We found Office Pride through the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce website since we wanted to keep the services local,” said Samantha Trotter of Adams and Reese, LLP. “Having an organized establishment is highly important to us. Our clients expect a clean reception when they walk into our law office and Office Pride delivers those expectations daily.”

This professionalism and attention to detail are just some of the many ways Office Pride outshines its competition. It’s a focus on a set of core values that drives the best possible office cleaning system for each client. It comes as no surprise that Office Pride is ranked by Entrepreneur as one of the best commercial cleaning franchises overall.

Sarasota businesses enjoy the benefits of a program called “Sarasota Tomorrow”, a work initiative by the 95-year-old Chamber of Commerce. The initiative has helped create jobs and make Sarasota a thriving community. The result is a balanced and diverse economy.

As the local economy has thrived, so has the local Office Pride. Owner-operator, Ray Dick says he abides by the commitment to excellence as set forth by the OP franchise guidelines. The entire company is faith-based and operates on Biblical principles. “We hire and train our staff to abide by these principles and it makes quite a difference in the quality of the job we do,” said Dick.

It’s a promise to Go the Extra Mile that has kept Office Pride busy in Sarasota.

According to Or Eitan, the Office Pride team has been providing commercial cleaning services at his Sarasota office for the past two years. “We come to work everyday into a clean working environment which always sets the tone for the day. They even go the extra mile. We sometimes have company gatherings in the evenings till late and they would come late hours so that the office is clean for the following day. Thank you OP!”

Give Ray and Natasha a call for a NO-Obligation quote. They’ll be happy to schedule an appointment that fits your schedule. Learn how his Office Pride Team can customize a plan for your commercial cleaning needs.

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