5 Signs Your Carpet in Your Bradenton Office Needs To Be Cleaned

Carpet is among the most beautiful and comfortable of flooring options for offices in Bradenton, but it is also one of the most high maintenance ones out there. While most management tend to have their carpet vacuumed often, deciding to actually have them deep cleaned may not cross the minds of most people on a regular basis. There are several reasons your carpet flooring may need deep cleaning and two are to prevent major carpeting damage and to extend its life. Businesses need to know when to have a professional janitorial service Bradenton FL deep clean the office carpets.

Here are the five signs to tell you that it is time to get the office carpets cleaned pronto:

  • The carpet smells – When you already notice a strong odor from your carpets, then this is the first and foremost sign that the carpet needs cleaning. This bad smell could come from months worth of coffee spills, mud and dirt tracked in from the outside, mold growth, and small particles of food embedded in the carpet. These carpet odors affect the air quality inside the office and it also causes risk to the health of the employees. So if you find your office carpet to be emitting a dirty or musty smell, get it cleaned right away by professionals.
  • There’s water damage – Water damage on carpets is a serious problem, and this is caused by humidity, flood or water leakage. Water damage ruins the texture, cause stains and bad odor, and worse, develop mold. These molds are hazardous to people’s health as well as to the structural integrity of the office building. It is better to treat water damage right away.
  • There are numerous visible stains – If stains are left untreated, more stains will become prominent and these can develop into permanent stains. They will be unsightly views in the office and will definitely ruin first impressions with clients and applicants.
  • Allergies keep acting up – Are your employees experiencing allergies like sneezing, watery eyes, runny noses or a stubborn tickle in their throats? Then your dirty carpet could be the culprit. Carpets are traps for pollen, dust, dander and other particles that float in the air and cause allergies. Tracked-in allergens, as well as dust mites, can remain in your carpet even after the most thorough vacuuming, and might require the help of an expert janitorial service Bradenton FL to be thoroughly eliminated.
  • The office carpet looks faded – If you find any signs of discolored patches or you see that the carpet is looking dull, it is a clear indication that your office carpet needs professional cleaning. Dirt and grime can turn your carpet from its natural colour into something completely unrecognizable. You need to act fast or else spend a lot of money in replacing your carpets. Getting your carpets cleaned by experts will extend the life of the carpet and the office carpet will appear “new” again.

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