Important Office Areas to Clean During Winter Season in Midlothian

Slippery and filthy floors are just one of the office cleaning winter woes in Midlothian. During this time, office spaces are often much dirtier than they are during any other season. The commercial cleaning Midlothian VA needs to adopt to the winter challenges and work a little harder specially among the important office areas listed below:

  • The high-traffic surfaces
    It is the time when the cold, flu and other viruses cause epidemics around the office. Many sick employees still choose to go to work and pass on this unwanted bug to their colleagues. To kill these viruses and stop their spread around the office, clean and disinfect your office equipment, especially phones and keyboards, countertops, tables, doorknobs and public areas. Use eco-friendly products that leave your office smelling fresh and clean without concerns about noxious chemicals lingering in the air. If possible, have the sick employees work from home and remind the staff of basic hygiene practices.
  • The indoor air
    When the windows and doors are always closed, the indoor air become humid and suffer from poor air quality issues. Have your HVAC ducts and filters cleaned before winter arrives. Place also house plants that remove toxins from the air and are effective in keeping indoor air fresh.
  • The floors
    During winter months, mud and dirt easily get tracked into the office and leave an unsightly and stained carpets or slippery floors. Minimized dirt from getting in by placing floor mats and heavy-duty rugs at all the main entrances. Keep the floors mopped and carpets vacuumed to avoid people from slipping and falling, and to keep excess moisture from creating mold and mildew which can have a harmful effect on the indoor environment.
  • The windows
    Debris and dirt are more likely to sticks to the windows in the winter. There is not as much rain to wash away such a mess, and the freezing temperatures make it more likely to cling to your windows. See to it that the windows are regularly washed to allow sunlight to shine through bright and clear. This will help keep heating costs down and the sunlight helps absorb excess moisture from the indoor air and from the floor.

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