The Obvious Hazards of Hiring Riverside’s Uninsured Janitorial Services

Some businesses do not think of investing in safety when it comes to a janitorial service Riverside CA. This leads them to choose cheap priced cleaning providers that have no insurance, bond or even a license. With an uninsured janitorial service, business owners are left without protection from the obvious hazards listed below.

  • Coverage
    When accidents happen and the janitor from your uninsured provider injures themselves or causes damage in or around your office, you are left with the responsibility of medical bills and possible lawsuits brought against you by the injured parties.
  • Poor quality
    Often times, uninsured cleaning providers are untrained, inexperienced and unqualified to undertake certain types of cleaning tasks. This results to poor performance and bad quality cleaning. Disinfection may be done improperly or items could be missing or damaged.
  • Safety hazards
    Unlicensed cleaning providers may also have no training or experience, and because of this, health and safety hazards are issues of concern. This could lead to injuries and spread of infectious disease within the staff and visitors.
  • Damages and injuries
    A janitorial service provider without any insurance is unable to pay or reimburse any damages to your property or injury on your own employees while cleaning your office. You may be held accountable to cover the cost of repairs or replacement, and other expenses.

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