Top Tips to Save Energy for Ferry Pass Offices

No matter the size of your business in Ferry Pass, conserving energy does not only benefit the company but also the environment. So here are the top tips to save energy from Office Pride’s commercial cleaning Ferry Pass FL that employers and their staff can adopt to minimise both energy waste and costs.

Computers and Equipment

  • Buy energy efficient devices. During upgrading or purchasing new computers and office devices, choose those that promote energy-efficiency by automatic power down during extended inactivity. This allows you to save 50% or more in energy.
  • Turn off computers and equipment when not in use. Make sure to turn off computers, monitors, printers and copiers during non-business hours. Set all monitors to automatically turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity or use hibernation feature if they step away from their desks.
  • Use laptops instead of desktop computers. When it comes to efficiency in energy, laptops are far better than desktops because they can save 80-90% in electrical cost.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

  • Install programmable thermostat. This will allow the thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature when no one is working or based on the time of day and day of the week.
  • Check and maintain the heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. On a regular basis, check for damages and replacement to help reduce your energy bills. Clean condenser coils and replace filters regularly. Clear the air vents of paper, files, and other office supplies/equipment that block them.

Green Options

  • Install solar panels. Initially, solar panels are costly but in the long run, this will help in bringing down the cost of the electricity bill.
  • Plant trees outside the office. Trees will give shade that protects the office from the intense sun during summers and chilly winds during winters. This will let you save heating and cooling costs.
  • Go paperless as often as you can. To save paper and reduce your energy costs, work electronically as often as possible, and only print things when it’s absolutely necessary. Use email instead of sending memos and faxing documents.


  • Use natural daylight. When there is adequate sunlight entering the room, turn off or dim the lights.
  • Install controls. Use sensors, timers and light level controls in conference rooms, break rooms or individual offices to automatically dim or turn off lighting when no one is occupying them.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs or LED. Compact florescent lamps (CFLs) and LED lights use about 70%- 80 % less energy than incandescent bulbs and they offer much longer lifespans.
  • Turn off lights when not needed. Switch off lights in a room when they are not in use. This saves saves energy, extends overall lamp life and reduces replacement costs. The extra lights at corridors, stairs, cafeteria, reception, meeting rooms and near workstation should also be switched off.

Office Pride of Pensacola is always looking forward to help maintain a working environment which is favorable for any transaction a business may have. If you want our service of commercial cleaning Ferry Pass FL, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call at 850-378-3908. It will be our pleasure to address your cleaning concerns right away.