Office Equipment Tips For Companies in Madison

Office equipment is part of every business in Madison. It is essential to productivity and to the overall business operation. So just as you take care of the physical office space with a janitorial service Madison TN, you also need to take special care of your office equipment to make them last longer. The following are some tips to take good care of office computers and equipment:


  • Have the staff trained – To avoid any unintended damages to your office equipments, teach your employees how to use and handle them. Leave a simple manual near every machine and post some reminders.
  • Clean office equipment periodically – Cleaning will help extend the life of your office equipment significantly. Your janitorial service Madison TN must use the proper materials, techniques and cleaning solutions to preserve your computers and equipment. When cleaning, do not spray any liquid onto any computer component. If a spray is needed, spray the liquid onto a lint-free, non-abrasive cloth. You can remove dust on devices with a small, fine-haired paint brush to clean the interiors of the machine or spray down the machine, inside and out, with the compressed air to loosen up the dust, then vacuum using a small hand-held vacuum.
  • Take care of paper jams right away – When using the printers and copiers, paper jams sometimes happen. These paper jams often leave small amounts of paper fiber stuck in the machine. As these build up, they cause problems. When this happens, remove the paper and blow out the area of the jam with compressed air. Use also quality papers to avoid jams.
  • Keep an electrostatic cloth or microfiber cloth for dusting – Computers, printers and scanners attract dust, so it is good to invest in electrostatic cloth or microfiber cloth to clean up the dust. These types of cleaning materials are ideal for electronic equipments since they effectively lift dust off devices and do not scratch the surface or coating.
  • Give time for preventive maintenance – Make sure to schedule for routine maintenance on your printer, copier, computer and other office equipment. Employ a repair professional who can come and inspect, clean and maintain your machines. To check the equipment on a regular basis will help you catch any small things and repair them before they turn into a larger problem.
  • Know where to put the equipment – Office equipments are sensitive to temperature so where you place them is important. The position of your equipment can actually determine the life span of the technology. Keep them in a dry environment, away from sources of excessive heat or moisture and provide adequate ventilation around the equipments as well.

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