5 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Carpets Clean in Your Nashville Office

office cleaner vacuuming carpet with backpack vacuum cleanerDid you know clean floors are among the most frequently cited metrics in customer satisfaction surveys? A clean carpet can make such a great impression on your customers and staff.

You want your carpet to look good and last as long as possible. There are a variety of ways you can properly care for your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

1. Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is the best defense against the dust, dirt and other particles that build up deep in your carpet’s fibers. Removing the dust and dirt while they are on the surface is the most practical safeguard. High traffic areas need daily vacuuming. Moderate traffic areas should be vacuumed two to three times per week.

2. Deodorization

Blast out smells in your office carpet with odor-removing techniques. This service is especially important for the staff in your office who have asthma or allergies. Unpleasant odors can be caused by spills, water damage, bacteria lurking in your carpet, etc., and can produce offensive odors that are unpleasing in your work environment. Treatment breaks down odors at the source and removes the lingering smell.

3. Spot Cleaning and Spot Removal

Spots on carpet are inevitable. No matter the quality of your carpet, accidental spots will happen. Never rub or scrub a spot on your carpet. That will only push the spot deeper into the carpet, making it even tougher to remove. When a spill occurs, try to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. If you use an over-the-counter spot remover, test it on a small, hidden area first and wait for it to dry to ensure that it does not damage the color of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaners can eliminate unwanted spots without compromising the quality and look of the carpet.

4. Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning, also known as encapsulation cleaning, is a low-moisture deep cleaning that uses a rotating floor machine with a cleaning pad. As it moves over the carpet, the agitation causes dirt to rise and be absorbed by the cleaning pad. This method can extend the life of your carpet. Bonnet cleaning can be performed three or four times between more extensive extraction cleanings.

5. Extraction Cleaning

Hot-water extraction is a safe and effective way of cleaning carpets. Other methods do not penetrate as deeply into the fabric of the carpet. This cleaning is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The high temperature of the water disinfects the carpets and sets it free from dust, allergens and germs. This kind of specialized carpet cleaning completely depends on the type of foot traffic, the carpet color and style, and the type of commercial space you have. Carpets can be cleaned quarterly, every six months or annually. The following are general recommendations for extraction cleaning:

Office Buildings – every six months
Retail Stores – every three to six months
Schools – every six months
Churches – once a year
Medical Facilities – follow health regulations of the facility (can be as often as monthly)
Banks – every six months

You will definitely want the advice of carpet cleaning experts. Office Pride of Nashville, Tennessee, provides superior floor care and uses only the highest quality cleaning solutions to ensure your carpet looks good for years. To learn more, or to get a free quote, please call 615-692-2900.

Office Pride Combats Allergy Season with Customized Cleaning Services

green vacuum cleaning carpet in office buildingIt’s allergy season, and a regular cleaning maintenance schedule can remove irritants from the air that impede productivity and decrease work attendance.

Coughing, sneezing, runny noses, you name it – once allergens enter your facility, you’ll want to ensure that your desk surfaces, break rooms, door handles and more are not only properly disinfected but also rid of allergens such as pollen and dust mites that can trigger more responses. Get rid of them for good rather than letting them pile up like the tissues in your wastebasket.

Also consider your carpets where allergens settle. Spring is a great time to clean your carpets to remove those allergens and the soils, salt, gravel and dirt that has been tracked in over the winter.

Office Pride knows that the cleaning and maintenance needs of a facility are as different as the business that operates within its walls. Services are customized and Office Pride employees are trained to give your facility a thorough cleaning based on dedication, work ethic and attention to detail that combat any season where germs and allergens can especially be spread.

Cross-contamination too can impede the cleanliness of your office. Improving the indoor quality of a facility can reduce allergen responses and secure a sanitized and protected environment for your employees. We pride ourselves on our core values, and our dedication to providing high-quality services will help your office say goodbye to coughing, sneezing fits and itchy, watery eyes.

Office Pride combines the power of Green Seal™ certified cleaning products and a unique Color-Coded Cleaning System that prevents cross-contamination between high-traffic areas such as the restrooms and break rooms. Our microfiber mops, color-coded cleaning cloths and use of the latest equipment and technology ensure that your office receives its most effective cleaning ever.

We care about your employees and work environment. This allergy season and every season, Office Pride commits to providing a high-quality service that doesn’t cut corners.

Get a free custom quote on how we can provide a unique commercial cleaning
service customized to your facility.

Nashville Schools Can Earn an A+ by Cleaning Over Summer Break

school cleaning NashvilleSummer Is the Perfect Time for School Cleaning

“No more homework, no more books…” School is out for the summer, an ideal time for a commercial cleaning company to make your school shine. There’s so much to do to prepare for the new school year. While there may be summer classes, training or even some camps scheduled, cleaning while hallways and classrooms have limited use makes perfect sense.

Key Areas to Clean over the Summer:


The janitorial staff has wiped down desks and swept the floors all year, but summer is the time to aim high and low! From lighting fixtures and tops of white boards and chalkboards to the insides of empty desks and cubbies, summer is the time to clean every nook and cranny. This is also a great time for details such as dusting book shelves, polishing door handles and cleaning the blinds.


The highest foot-traffic areas need great attention during the summer months. Classrooms, the front office, cafeteria, and hallways and stairways all get dirty. Keeping the floors clean improves the appearance of the school and can positively affect the morale of students, staff and families.


Carpets need to be cleaned. Stained carpets are so noticeable. Summer is the perfect time for spot cleaning or deep cleaning.

Hard Floors

We all remember the days of going to orientation to meet our teachers, and one of the first things we noticed were those shiny, clean floors. This is a time-consuming process, so the timing is critical if you want to be prepared before teachers return for their workdays. Your commercial cleaning company can polish, strip and wax to keep the floors looking pristine.

Gym & Locker Rooms

Areas filled with sweaty students make the perfect hiding places for germs. Gymnasiums definitely need a thorough cleaning. The rubber floor should be cleaned properly and with the right cleaning equipment. Lockers should be wiped down and sanitized. Shower stalls should be inspected for grout cleanliness and broken tiles, and the bathrooms should be deep cleaned and disinfected while features such as door handles and faucets should be polished. Bleachers should also get the once-over; think of all those crevices that may be overlooked during the year. Allow your students, faculty and parents to focus on school spirit or the important topic of your next meeting or assembly.

Start the next academic year with a clean school that your community can be proud of, and consider periodic commercial cleaning throughout the school year, as well as over winter and spring breaks. To learn more about the services we offer, or to get a free quote, please call the locally owned and operated Office Pride of Nashville, Tennessee, at 615-692-2900.