Solving the Office Hazards in Auburn

With commercial cleaning Auburn IN for your office you’d think that employees are safe because you have a clean working environment. Indeed cleanliness adds a great deal to safety, however, office hazards could still exist. They need to be identified and you need to find solutions to prevent accidents and injuries from happening in your office. To help out with this problem, we have listed below the five common office hazards and their easy solutions:

  • Slipping, tripping or falling – Office accidents are usually slipping, tripping and falling. They are caused by a number of things like a wet floor, uneven floors, cluttered walkways, exposed cords, loose rugs or unattended spills. These can be countered by ensuring wet floor signs and other appropriate hazard warnings, and de-cluttering shared corridors and places of high traffic. You should clean up all spills immediately, make sure that the carpets are not frayed or buckled, and use cord protectors that cover, hide and protect cords and cables while keeping floors clear and safe. Use also traction floor mats in high-traffic particularly those prone to moisture or spills. During winter months, ice-melting products and non-slip runners can greatly reduce slip, trip and fall hazards.
  • Allergies and Infections – Many employees work even when they are sick and could easily infect other employees. Also, a poor indoor air quality in the building leads to occupational asthma and other respiratory disorders, chemical sensitivity and allergies. So, there must be commercial cleaning Auburn IN to properly maintain and clean the filtration of the ventilation, heating and air conditioning system, and to prevent the accumulation of dust, pollen, dirt and other build-up on all surfaces, including the carpeting. The restrooms, break rooms, kitchen and refrigerators should be regularly sanitized, and workers should be told to throw out food before it spoils.
  • Fire safety – Fire can be avoided by taking the smallest of precautions. All employees should know how to use fire extinguishers and where they are placed. Power cords should be inspected regularly for wear and be replaced if they are frayed or have exposed wire. Also avoid overloading power boards and outlets and make sure emergency exits are clear at all times.
  • Eye strain – Prolonged use of computer monitors in a day can cause eye strain to employees. Eye strain may cause eyes to become irritated and dry and workers may begin having trouble focusing. Taking regular breaks from the screen and ensuring the lighting is appropriate for the task at hand are a couple of ways to prevent eye strain. To reduce eye strain and fatigue, it is recommended that you should take a 10-minute break for every hour you spend looking at a computer screen, giving your eyes a rest and focusing on things at varying distances. Light levels should also be suitable for the work task.
  • Ergonomic Injuries – Incorrect use of office furniture and spending many hours a day seated at a desk lead to long-term physical injuries and other injuries related to posture and repetitive movement. These can affect everything from your wrists to your neck and back. The workstation must support proper posture. Position the chair, keyboard and monitor in a straight line with your body. The chairs should be ergonomic and include arm rests and an adjustable back.

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