History of Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

It is not by chance that Office Pride® Commercial Cleaning Services is considered one of the top commercial cleaning contractors in the United States. Office Pride was carefully designed and created over 25 years ago following extensive industry research by our founder Todd Hopkins.

The Office Pride concept actually began as a college independent research project. Founder and CEO Todd Hopkins was working on an MBA program at Butler University in Indianapolis where he had to produce an independent research project on a viable business. He began by interviewing the leaders of all the big cleaning companies and asking them what they would do differently if they had a chance to do things over. What would they do to deliver total customer satisfaction?

He used their feedback to create the Office Pride commercial cleaning franchise concept, which has evolved today into a state-of-the-art, faith-based commercial cleaning business whose spotless reputation earns it rave reviews not only from customers, but from competitors in the industry. Todd also saw a huge opportunity to build a profitable commercial cleaning franchise system within a very fragmented industry. He also saw the chance to build a business model that would equip its franchisees to build a profitable business based on Biblical principles that honor God.

In 1992, Todd founded Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services with the dream of building a long-term profitable business that glorifies God while serving man. With $20,000 pulled together from savings and a little help from family and friends, Todd worked out of his home, cleaning by himself at night and selling accounts during the day. His path wasn’t always easy, and he relied on God and prayer to see him through, but Todd’s perseverance and business savvy paved the way for what Office Pride is today – a nationally acclaimed commercial cleaning franchise system serving thousands of facilities all across America.

Today, Office Pride has franchise locations across the country with a history of steady growth. Our philosophy is not to be the biggest but the best—the best franchise system, the best commercial cleaning service and the best company for people to achieve their dreams. Office Pride delivers the service you expect, with the integrity you deserve.