How to Improve the Cleanliness of Day Cares in Farmington

Maintaining proper cleanliness is pretty important, especially when working with young children in day care centers in Farmington. There is a need to be vigilant and to seek to improve the cleanliness in the center. Many rely on commercial cleaning Farmington DE on this area, but there are also more things to do aside from the help of professionals in making sure the place is as clean and comfortable as possible.


The following cleaning tips make it easier to get things clean and reduce the spread of germs in the center:

  • Adhere to a cleaning checklist
    Make a checklist to keep track of the daily day care cleaning tasks. Following a cleaning schedule makes you less likely to forget or neglect tasks, which equals a healthier environment.
  • Keep a hand washing policy
    Hand-washing is important for proper hygiene and for reducing the risk of diseases. It shouldn’t only be done after using the bathroom and before and after eating, but also in between activities, when they arrive in the morning, or after wiping a runny nose. It should be a practice for all children, parents and employees when in the center. Also, while washing the hands with a soap, lather for at least 20 seconds.
  • Clean the surfaces correctly
    Remember to dust the surfaces of the center to avoid allergic reactions from children. Use HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners to prevent introducing more dust into the air when vacuuming. Most surfaces can be washed with soap and water to sanitize them. The disinfection should be done after all the children have gone home for the day.
  • Keep the toys sanitary
    Day cares are full of toys for kids to play with. But these toys are full of germs that can easily transfer from child to another and endanger their health. So it must be required to regularly clean and sanitize these toys at least once a day. Toys that have been placed in a child’s mouth should be set aside until cleaned before another plays with it. Aside from the daily cleaning, the toys must be deep cleaned once a month.
  • Choose non-toxic cleaning products
    Young children are sensitive to the chemicals used in cleaning products and disinfectants. So be cautious in selecting the products to use in the day care center. Choose products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) standards for “hospital grade” germicides. Read the labels carefully and do not use cleaning products that carry a DANGER or a CORROSIVE label warning. It is also crucial that disinfectants used on toys and around toy areas are non-toxic because small kids often put items in their mouths.

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