How to Clean Tile Floors in Your Business in Milford

Tile floor is an attractive choice for business premises in Milford. It comes in different designs, and it is durable, waterproof, and easy to install. Unfortunately, tile flooring in commercial settings takes quite the beating and requires proper maintenance as a continuous process from professional floor cleaning Milford DE.

The following are the best ways of hard floor cleaning for tile floors, whether they are ceramic, vinyl or stone.

  • Clean the grout. Grout is porous and easily absorbs dirt, grease and other materials. Use baking soda or oxygen bleach to clean the grout. Apply a coat of grout sealer on grout joints after the floor is completely dry.
  • Use door mats. They go a long way in keeping floors clean and is an effective way to reduce tile wear. Mats eliminate tracking mud or water on your tile floors. You should invest in high-quality floor mats and protective pads under heavy furniture for an extra layer of protection to your tile floors. Place them at entrances and exits, and other high-traffic areas.
  • Clear the surface of debris and dirt daily. Sand and grit can dull and scratch the surface of tile floorings. Dust, vacuum or sweep often. Also, run a dry cloth duster or dust mop over the floors after they have been swept.
  • Damp mop your floors weekly. Mop it more frequently for heavy traffic areas to decrease wear and abrasion from grit and soil. Use a microfiber mop because it picks up all the dirt that a sponge mop leaves behind.
  • Clean up spills promptly. The longer any spill sits, the more time it will have to soak into the grout. Wipe up spills, including water, immediately by using absorbent cloths
  • Deep clean from time to time. Your tile flooring requires deep cleaning once in a while from professional floor cleaning Milford DE. Deep cleaning decreases the risk of slips and falls for your customers and employees by increasing traction. This also extends the life of the tile flooring.

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