Meet the Owner

We are proud of the job that we do and work hard to ensure the job exceeds your expectation.

Core Values
  • Honor God
  • Always do what is right
  • Increase brand value
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Go the extra mile
  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude
  • Accountability to commitments

These values allow us to provide top quality cleaning and janitorial services with the highest of standards.

Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner - Rodney Lie, Office Pride Denver CO

Rodney Lie
Office Pride® of Denver, CO

Having grown up in Denver, Colorado and attending The University of Colorado, I have may ties to the community and have watched Denver grow to be a powerful city with business ties that reach across the globe. I consider it an honor to serve the people of Denver who work hard every day to make their businesses, our city, and our state better each day.

I had started my professional life as a teacher and school administrator for 12 years. When it was time for a change, I stumbled into the insurance world as an Agency Owner and Trainer for new agents. I found there were things I was good at, but didn’t love doing. I knew that one day I wanted to own a franchise. I conducted extensive research and encountered Office Pride at a franchise fair. As I looked into it more, they had Core Belief and Values posted on their display that spoke to my beliefs and values. In talking to the organization, I found that this is an industry that provides a service that is very much needed regardless of the economy. It is an industry where I can offer opportunities to people through jobs under a brand that has been in business since 1992. I have been the proud owner and team leader for Office Pride of Denver since 2008.

The number one thing that keeps me going every day is my family. They are reason why I do everything. My employees are very important to me as well. By working for my team, our employees are able to pay off extra bills, save for things in the future, expand their needs above and beyond to enjoy time with their families and seek value and enjoyment in life. I select people to work for our company that desire the work for a paycheck with a purpose. Most of our employees are part time and have a full time job giving them flexibility to earn extra money in evenings providing a lot of options.

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What Our Customers are Saying

"What we find most impressive is that you have the same employee arrive every week to clean. You don't know how important this is to a customer to see the same person continually, who knows the site and the work habits of the employees. We are also very pleased with the work that is done."

-JB, Borough of Sharpsburg