Why hiring Office Pride for dental office cleaning in Dallas is the way to go

Office Pride has been providing dental office cleaning in Dallas not only to help clients follow the recommended infection-control practices for dentistry but also to provide a healthy and safe environment for all – both for the dental personnel and patients. The truth is, places like a dental clinic can easily spread common diseases because of the nature of dental works; blood and other body fluids can easily spread inside such facility. Therefore, it is a must for every dental office to keep its place spotless clean and sanitary.

Apart from following a daily good cleaning habit, a dental business can further strengthen its way of preventing the spread of diseases inside its premises by making it sure that it follows a periodic (i.e. routine or scheduled) general cleaning – a kind of cleaning that is aimed to remove the dirt all over the place and not just on the visible and easy-to-reach surface. However, many dentists and their in-house staff, busy as they are in catering to the need of their patients, find it hard to do the dental office cleaning on their own. Hiring new in-house staff do to the cleaning tasks might not be that financially advantageous either (it does not make sense to hire a full-time staff to do a routine cleaning, right?) The good news is, there are quite a number of third party commercial cleaning companies that offers such services for dental offices in Dallas. In other words, outsourcing cleaning tasks is more viable, and, again, Office Pride is a brand that a dental business can trust for spotless, professional cleaning.

Here are some compelling reasons why the Office Pride of Dallas is the way to go for dental facility cleaning:

  • Industry experience – Office Pride has been providing medical office cleaning for more than three decades now; the company knows the cleaning needs of dental offices quite well.
  • Follows the cleaning standards for the medical/dental industry – It is compliant to various standards, including the OSHA rules, Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standards, among others.
  • Follows Written Exposure Plan – Office Pride follows a certain cleaning checklist to ensure that the appropriate cleaning process is carried out.
  • Cleaning technicians are bonded, insured, and tested to ensure that clients have a cleaner that is healthy and covered.

To learn more about Office Pride’s dental office cleaning in Dallas, contact us at (817) 583-8615.

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