Floor Waxing your Garland Commercial Establishments

Taking care of the floor of commercial establishments in Garland is a challenge. It is exposed to high foot traffic, moving furnitures, and moisture. Because of this, it needs proper maintenance like floor stripping and waxing by professional commercial cleaning Garland TX to make them look as good as new. There are many advantages to this kind of service including the following:

  • Long-lasting floors
    The coat of wax protects the flooring from the wear and tear they are subjected to every day. The wax reduces damage from the impact of fallen sharp objects to a wooden floor. This means that replacing the floor can greatly be delayed. You add years to your floor lifespan.
  • Glossy and clean
    Wax can decrease the appearance of grooves and faults especially in a wooden floor. It gives the commercial floor a brilliant shine and will look amazingly glossy. It is also easier to maintain the cleanliness once the floor is stripped and waxed.
  • Protected from damages
    The wax coating absorbs the damage caused by foot traffic and from other everyday use. It guards and protects the floor from scratches, marks, nicks, stains, moisture and spill. It generally prevents water and humidity from penetrating through the floor’s surface area. When it’s worn out, just strip it off and apply a new coat of wax.

Office Pride of Dallas is here to provide you with premium services of commercial cleaning Garland TX at a very reasonable price. So let us be a part of your business by hiring us to check and clean every part of your building. Call us at (817) 583-8615 and our cleaning experts will give a cleaning estimate.