The 5 Filthiest Surfaces of Southlake Schools

Aside from homework, kids take bacteria and viruses home with them. This is because school buildings in Southlake can get extremely dirty and messy from the many students that mill around the premises on a daily basis. The janitorial service Southlake TX of Office Pride has listed here the five filthiest surfaces in the schools and parents may be surprised to learn some of them. Check them out below.

  • Restrooms
    School restrooms need to be cleaned regularly as they can easily spread bacteria from person to another. The toilet seat has 3,200 CFU (Colony Forming Units/in sq) and the faucets come in at 32,000 CFU. The janitorial service Southlake TX should clean and disinfect every part of the restroom including the doors, walls and dispensers to prevent children from getting sick. The students should also practice hand-washing whenever they use the restroom.
  • The drinking fountain
    The germiest surface in the school is the drinking fountain. It is usually contaminated because kids put their mouth on the spigot to drink and it is cleaned and disinfected less frequently than the bathroom. It is important to instruct the janitors to sanitize the water fountains regularly and to teach kids to never place their lips on the fountain head and to let water run to flush the spout for a few seconds and drink from the center of the stream.
  • Keyboard
    The computer keyboards, the mice and any other objects routinely handled by students in the computer lab are loaded with bacteria. The keyboard alone has 3,300 CFU. Computer devices should have a regular scheduled comprehensive cleaning and the students should wash their hands or use sanitizers before and after using the computers.
  • Desks
    A single desk is typically used by several students over the course of the day and coughs, sneezes, boogers, and hand contaminants end up there. Students then touch their desktops and take those germs home with them.
  • Cafeteria
    The cafeteria surfaces are filled with pathogens. The students contaminate the area through touching, sneezing and coughing. And when the tables, trays, plates and utensils are not properly cleaned, food residue left there is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

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