Great Cleaning Tips for Office Lobbies in Grand Prairie

A janitorial service Grand Prairie TX is often needed to maintain the office lobbies of companies in the city. This is because a clean and professional appearance is a must in order to make good lasting impressions on customers. So, here are 5 great cleaning tips for your customer reception or lobby area.

  • Check the high traffic areas
    One of the busiest areas in your office building is the lobby or the reception area. It is where people enter and exit your office. Higher traffic can cause your floors and carpets to gather more dirt and wear quicker than other areas. If this area is neglected, it quickly and easily filthy and give a negative impression to anyone who comes in. It is important to identify the high traffic areas and clean them more frequently. Sweep and vacuum the lobby floor on a regular interval. Use a heavy duty vacuum cleaner to vacuum all the carpeted area and buff the lobby once in a day. Also, the dustbins and ashtrays should be cleared time to time.
  • Clean the HVAC system
    A smelly lobby is a major turn off for potential clients visiting the office. This happens when a great deal of air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals build-up in the ventilation system, and create a stale, musty odor that potentially leads to serious problems for those with allergies and respiratory conditions. Hence, the HVAC system’s filters and vents should be regularly cleaned. Also it is recommend to decorate the lobby with indoor plants because they absorb and filter air born toxins.
  • Get entrance mats
    To protect the lobby floor and carpeted areas, use an entrance mat of good quality. They can trap dirt, debris, and moisture and stop them from being carried in and get tracked onto the carpets throughout your office. Use them inside as well as outside the doorstep and frequently clean the mats to keep your floors cleaner for longer.
  • Always dust the surfaces
    Dust build ups are easily noticeable by clients specially when they spend longer time waiting in your reception area. This will not only hurt your reputation, but dust on surfaces and furnitures can also result in respiratory problems for visitors and employees. So keep the fixtures clean and dust free with microfiber cloths.
  • Maintain clean office windows
    Your clients and visitors don’t want to see dirty windows in your lobby. Therefore, keep the windows clean from dirt, grime, hand prints and other marks. With clean office windows, you create a professional ambiance with the nice bright and clear natural light filling the room. Spray windows and glass surfaces with water or appropriate cleaning solution, or better yet, hire a janitorial service Grand Prairie TX to take care of this for you.

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