Office Pride is a Faith-Based Business. What Does This Mean?

Photo of reliable and trustworthy employees office floor cleaning specialistsFounded on Biblical principles, the commercial cleaning service believes in going the extra mile for the customer and in serving with honor and integrity

You may have heard that Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is a faith-based business, but you might not be sure what that means. You might have some questions about how it impacts your business interactions with us.

Here are three things you should know about working with a faith-based business.

  1. We’re founded on faith-based principles but don’t mix faith and business.

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services bases its business on Biblical principles of virtue that form the foundation of sound business practices. These include serving our customers with integrity, going the extra mile for our customers, always delivering prompt and honest customer service and making sure our employees are well cared for. These familiar Christian values are ones that all customers value, no matter their faith.

  1. Office Pride believes in hiring and working with people of all religions.

Even though we are founded on Christian Biblical principles, it is important to understand that we serve everyone, no matter their faith with the same measure of dignity and respect. Founding our business on Christian values also means the ability to serve thy neighbor with care and compassion.

  1. The Christian moral compass we work by is one that will resonate with every customer.

At Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, we always:

  • Honor God
  • Do what is right
  • Increase brand value
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity and a hard work ethic
  • Deliver total customer satisfaction
  • Go the extra mile
  • Persevere with a servant’s attitude
  • Are accountable to commitments

Commercial establishments looking for a business partner that will serve them with integrity and honesty and offer top-class cleaning at affordable prices are invited to explore Office Pride. Our guiding principles add a touch of polish to our already outstanding array of services and make the difference in nurturing our business relationships.

Call Office Pride for a free custom quote today.

Cleaning Your Dallas-Fort Worth Office Before the Holidays

Photo collage of Office Pride commercial cleaning servicesFall is here, and that is a good reminder that the holidays are around the corner. The holiday season presents unique challenges for keeping the office clean. Along with the weather changes bringing different seasonal allergens through your office doorway, your commercial cleaning company will also have to work around decorations and special events.

So, before decorations go up, fun holiday contests take over the office or your big holiday office party takes place, you need a thorough cleaning. Now is the time to schedule a deep cleaning for your office before the joy and the craziness of the holidays begin.

Consider these areas in particular for careful attention:

The Lobby

Are you having a Thanksgiving luncheon or an onsite holiday party at the office? If your lobby is going to be featured for the main event, you will definitely want it to sparkle and shine at holiday time! Here are some details to discuss with your commercial cleaning company:

High Places

Will you be putting a tree in your lobby? If eyes will be glancing up to see the star at the top of the tree, be sure to remove cobwebs and dust on fans, beams or crown molding. Of course, with all cleaning, start at the top!


Periodic interior window cleaning removes residue that leaves the glass cloudy, streaked and dull, and also eliminates dirt buildup in the corners. From the outside, windows get stained from constant exposure to wind, rain, sprinklers and outside debris. The holidays are the perfect time to have your windows clear and clean.

Hard Floors

No one wants dull floors during the holidays! Discuss with your commercial cleaning company the method that will work best for your floors:

  • Stripping and Refinishing
  • Scrubbing and Recoating
  • Buffing and High-Speed Burnishing


Spruce up your carpets to make a great impression on your staff, customers and other special guests. Perhaps you need spot removal, spot cleaning, deodorization or deep cleaning. Let your carpets stand out for all the right reasons. 


Spring [link to April Blog] isn’t the only time to get organized. Ask your staff to thoroughly clean their desktops and cubicle spaces for a deep clean by your commercial cleaning company. Disinfect electronic devices, desk chairs, wastebaskets and office supplies like staplers and tape dispensers.

Then, when holiday cards are exchanged and displayed or holiday decorating fills small spaces, your commercial cleaning company will have already done a thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

The Kitchen

Be sure to pay close attention to the kitchen, one of the main social hubs of the office. Everyone will be gathering in the kitchen during the holidays. Staff and team leaders often bring in special treats to share.

These areas need to be disinfected:

  • Refrigerator handles
  • Cabinet and drawer pulls
  • Coffeepot handles
  • Countertops and tables
  • Sink faucets
  • Microwave keypads and handles
  • Watercooler levers or buttons

The refrigerator can be a breeding ground for germs. Be sure that special snacks don’t linger too long or beyond expiration.


A clean restroom is always important, but with extra visitors and holiday events, it is more crucial than ever to keep a well-maintained restroom. From top to bottom, spotless mirrors, sinks, faucets, door handles, toilets and floor prove to your team and customers that you really care. While traffic is higher at holiday time, go the extra mile with these tips:

  • Be sure soap dispensers are full.
  • Refill paper towel and toilet paper dispensers often and always have plenty on hand.
  • Remove trash daily.

Make this holiday season the best one yet! Keep the health, joy and well-being of your team a top priority. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services is ready to help you prepare for the holidays. Or, if you would like to learn more about our services or are seeking a new cleaning team for your office or facility, please call Office Pride of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, at (682) 400-8177, to receive your free quote from our expert team.

5 Factors When Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company in Dallas-Fort Worth

office cleaning company team members cleaning a school classroom with green cleaning productsWhether you have never used a commercial cleaning company or you are looking for a new one, there are several things you should ask about when you are getting bids. You will want to find a reputable, professional company who will tailor their services to your specific industry and company’s needs.

Here are five key things you should ask a commercial cleaning company who is bidding on your business:


Start by finding cleaning companies with a good reputation that come highly recommended. You may want to ask your friends and work acquaintances about their cleaning services and whether they are happy. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews, keeping in mind that unhappy customers are more likely to write a review than happy ones. That said, if you find strong ratings and reviews, that’s a very good sign.


Most people would find it difficult to work while someone is dusting their desk. A good commercial cleaning company will work with your schedule to have cleaners in your facility at a time of day when it is least disruptive. That usually means cleaners work early in the morning, during the evening or on weekends.

If they can’t come during those off-hours, or you can’t tell if they’ve been in at all, that’s a problem. Office Pride cleaners show up when they say they will.

Budget/Service Agreements

Your budget is an important consideration when you are hiring a commercial cleaning company. The rate is not the most important part of a quote, however. Ask whether the cleaning company is willing to customize services to your needs or are they offering a one-size-fits-all plan. There is no reason to pay for services you do not need — or to go without services you do need. Also, does the company provide their own supplies and equipment? Because if you have to buy the supplies and commercial-grade machines, you will not save money and you may as well take the cleaning back in house.

Office Pride makes the smart decision easy for you. We customize services to meet your specific needs; we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure the work is top-notch. Customers love our sustainable cleaning products.


In most cases, the salesperson from the commercial cleaning company will not be the person who is actually doing the cleaning. So you will need to ask a few questions:

· Who will your cleaner be?
· Will the same person clean every time?
· Will they be uniformed so they are easily recognized?
· What kind of training did they receive?
· Who is monitoring their attendance and work?
· Does the company run background checks?

To ensure a certain level of comfort for you and your employees, you will need to know who is coming into your office — often when you are not there.

Office Pride cleaners are background-checked employees. Our cleaners show up uniformed and on time. Our team communicates with you as much as you like to ensure you are receiving optimal service.


Finally, although it’s unlikely that something would be damaged or lost in cleaning, hiring a company that is fully insured can provide peace of mind. Hiring an uninsured company may save you money in the short term, but it is not worth the risk. Our customers appreciate that Office Pride is fully bonded and insured.

If you would like a free, no-obligation quote, please call Office Pride of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, at 682-400-8177.