Keeping Palmer Lake Medical Facilities Hygienic Through Proper Hand Washing

Hygiene is very basic to medical facilities in Palmer lake. But even though you have en efficient service of medical office cleaning Palmer Lake CO, proper hand washing is still necessary. This practice promotes hygiene by removing microorganisms from the hands, preventing their potential transfer from one patient to another.

How to Perform hand-washing properly:

1. Wet your hands with running water
Wet your hands with running water. It is better if the water is warm water as soap lathers better with warm water.
2. Use regular soap
It is better to use a mild soap in washing hands as it will remove substantially more disease causing organisms than washing hands with water alone. Generally, it is better to use liquid soap than bar soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer is more effective and less drying than using soap and water, and does not create antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Using antibacterial soap might even lead to the development of bacteria that are resistant to the product’s antimicrobial agents — making it harder to kill these germs in the future.
3. Lather well
Make sure you cover all surfaces, including the backs of your hands, wrists, between your fingers, and around and below your fingernails for at least 20 or 30 seconds. Proper scrubbing would include vigorous motion with the hands rubbing together and fingers working in between the finger web space.
4. Rinse under running water
Wash thoroughly under running water. Make sure all traces of soap are removed. Turn off faucet with wrist/elbow. Dry hands with a paper towel or air dryer and pat skin rather than rubbing to avoid cracking.

Extra tips:

  • Healthcare providers and medical staff might need to clean their hands as many as 100 times per 12-hour shift, depending on the number of patients and intensity of care.
  • Use a paper towel to open the door as a protection from germs.
  • Patients can protect themselves by cleaning their own hands often.
  • Signs with proper hand-washing instructions should be posted at hand-washing stations and restrooms to encourage proper practices.
  • Hand-washing stations should be conveniently located in the facility.

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