8 Flu Prevention Tips for Palmer Lake’s Businesses During Flu Season

When it comes to your health and your employees, ensure that you’re well protected by taking the necessary precautions during flu season. Ensure that your building is clean and disinfected by a janitorial service Palmer Lake CO and practice office hygiene for flu prevention so that you can combat office germs more effectively. Check out these office flu prevention tips so that the staff can stay healthy year round.

  • Provide hand soaps and hand sanitizers. The hands are an ideal mass transport device for the viruses and bacteria that cause flu and other diseases. Remind the staff to always use a hand sanitizer or wash their hands with soap after each meal, after using the restroom, touching high-hand-contact surfaces, and handling any chemicals.
  • Have yearly flu shots. It is suggested by health professionals that people should get a yearly seasonal flu vaccine. The vaccine assists the body in building the antibodies needed for the protection from the flu virus. Find possibilities for an on-site vaccination or coordinate with local clinics.
  • Discourage employees from eating at their desks. Eating directly at office desks increases the level of bacterial contamination in every work station. Make the breakroom spacious, clean and comfortable for the employees to have lunch at.
  • The sick workers should be at home. When employees are exhibiting flu symptoms like fever, headache, extreme fatigue, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle aches and stomach symptoms, then they should not go to work or they should be sent home. This practice will reduce the chances of everyone getting sick at the office and lose productivity.
  • Disinfect the personal workspaces. Employees should disinfect their desks, including the phone and computer keyboard. Put all tissues used in the trash immediately, rather than on the desk. Make sure that door handles, sinks, faucets and other areas of contact by germs that can be transmitted through touch are properly sanitized daily.
  • Clean the HVAC Systems from time to time. When the HVAC system is used properly and undergoes regular maintenance, it will work well in filtering the outside air and cleanse the inside air also, clearing out germs and allergens.
  • Call Office Pride for reliable janitorial services. Having a janitorial service Palmer Lake CO that regularly cleans and disinfects the office is essential to controlling the flu virus from spreading. With a cleaning service, you are assured that they utilize effective cleaning products and techniques in disinfecting countertops, walls, floors and equipment.
  • Get the staff well-informed. Prevention tips and information should be shared to employees and even made into office policies. Discourage them from touching their mouth, nose, or, eyes with their hands. Promote through signs and other communications, frequent hand washing as well as coughing or sneezing into ones’ sleeves. During a flu outbreak, encourage employees not to shake hands with other employees and clients, and minimize face-to-face conferences, and do teleconferences instead.

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