5 Means for a Cleaner Office Space in Colorado Springs

In keeping the cleanliness of offices, many businesses rely on a janitorial service Colorado Springs CO to do everything for them. A clean germ-free workplace has many benefits to our safety and health but it is not entirely a responsibility of the janitors; everyone must do their part in this goal. For this reason, we came up with these simple habits that could really add to taking good care of the office and the staff.


  • Maintain cleanliness in workstations/cubicles
    Encourage them to keep their personal spaces clean and organized all they time. Dust and bacteria easily build-up on desk surfaces, keyboards and mouses. Provide trash bins for easy disposal of garbage.
  • Encourage the habit of hand-washing and covering when they sneeze/cough
    It is a good practice to always wash your hands. Put up reminders and illustrations of proper hand washing in the kitchen and restrooms. Make hand soaps and hand sanitizers available for them. Teach them as well to properly cover their mouths with a tissue or use their shoulders or arms when they cough and sneeze to avoid the spreading of germs.
  • Refrain from touching eyes, nose and mouth
    They shouldn’t also touch their eyes, nose and mouths to prevent contamination.
  • Don’t go to the office when sick
    When employees come in to work even when they are sick, they are a risk to the other employees. They could easily spread contagious diseases around and make other people sick too. When you see a noticeably ill employee, encourage them to see the doctor or go home to have some rest.
  • Get a reliable janitorial service
    Nothing beats efficient janitorial service Colorado Springs CO when it come to cleaning your office place. You are assured that the places where germs usually thrive and breed like the restroom, kitchen, carpet, door knobs and desks are properly cleaned and disinfected. Janitors are trained well and they use cleaning solutions and equipments to deodorize, sanitize and destroy viruses and contaminants making surfaces and the air safe.

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