Things to Avoid While Disinfecting the Medical Office in Calhan

In terms of medical office cleaning Calhan CO, disinfection is a prerequisite. This is because cross-contamination and health-related infections are likely to happen in medical facilities. Reducing the microbial contamination in these buildings is necessary to keeping its occupants healthy. However, it is not whether they disinfect or not, but whether disinfection is done properly. To give more light on the proper way of disinfection, here are the things to avoid during the process.

Not reading directions
People want to get things done as fast as possible. That’s why some don’t bother to read or follow the instructions on labels of disinfectants. This causes wrong application, wrong product for the surface, damaged items, ineffective efforts and cause health issues.
Not giving enough time
Disinfectants require dwell time to effectively kill microbes. Spraying and wiping method is not applicable when the goal is to disinfect.
Disinfecting without cleaning
Before you can disinfect an area, cleaning must be done first. Remove dirt, dust or debris through sweeping, wiping or vacuuming a surface and then apply the disinfectants.
Not disinfecting often enough
The higher the traffic of people that uses the office tells us how often it should be disinfected.
Using too much disinfectant
Assuming that twice as much will kill twice as many microbes, twice as fast is a mistake most people commit. This actually creates problems like damaging surfaces, causing injury and releasing toxic fumes. Focus instead disinfection on high-touch surfaces, such as flush levers, faucets, push lever on the soap and paper towel dispenser, and partition and entrance door handles. These surfaces are good at spreading infections.

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