3 Advantages of Waxing the Floors of Commercial Buildings in Gainesville

Waxing the floors of your business should be part of the regular services of commercial cleaning Gainesville GA, if you have flooring of timber, linoleum, tile and unfinished cork. Stripping the floors and applying regular wax treatments give a clean and good impression that show that you care about how your business looks.


Here are three advantages of having waxed commercial flooring for you to consider.

  • Protection from damage
    Stripping and waxing the floors of commercial buildings help preserve the floors for longer. The layer of wax protects it from high traffic, damages from everyday use, moving furniture, stains, scratches and dents and many more. The wax will reduce the force of impact caused by sharp items falling onto the floor or other things that could cause harm to a wooden floor. It also makes the floor more water-resistant than the other finishing options which will keep the floor from getting warped and bubbling.
  • Adds longevity
    When you get professional services of commercial cleaning Gainesville GA to apply wax to your commercial floors, then they will last longer and greatly delay the time of replacing the floors. This is because having the flooring stripped and waxed removes the built up dirt and grime, letting your flooring wear more slowly. This adds years to your floor lifespan.
  • Clean and shiny finish
    A stripped and waxed commercial floor provides a more shiny and professional look. The stains would be removed and the wax boosts the natural pigmentation of the material and make it look like brand new. It can also lessen the appearance of grooves and faults on the floor, and makes cleanliness easier to maintain.

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