7 Indications That It’s Time to Change Your Commercial Cleaning Company in Cumming

In a business setting, decreasing the probability of illness and accidents from occurring is very important. An office or establishment can do this by maintaining the cleanliness of the place. The best way to do this is to hire a cleaning company offering commercial cleaning in Cumming, GA; however, business owners and managers are sometimes not satisfied with the quality of work. They end up wasting money and time, and they are left needing to look for a better provider.

If you’re still figuring out if it is time to change your current cleaning service, we have identified 7 red flags that’ll tell you if you need to get a new and more dependable commercial cleaning company for your business:

  • Forgetting to stock supplies
    The hired company should always look out for the needs in the office. Toilet papers, soaps, and other supplies should often be restocked and cleaning solutions should never go low.
  • Employees are getting sick and equipment doesn’t work well
    Even when the office looks clean but is not properly disinfected, diseases can still spread. If your employees get sick easily, then your cleaning providers are not sanitizing your place well enough. Also, if your office’s equipment and other items in your workplace malfunction or easily wear out, then they have not been properly cleaned.
  • Their policies are unclear
    They have no appropriate protocol when issues arise, and you are left not knowing who to talk to. It should part of their service to regularly check in on you to give feedback about maintenance issues, evaluation of their services and cleaners, and if there are other special needs that they could take care of for you.
  • Inferior quality of work output
    After they have completed their cleaning, somehow you don’t seem to be satisfied with their work. Some surfaces are still covered in dust, the floors are wet and dirty, some bins left overfilled, and a lot of areas are not getting the cleaning attention needed.
  • There are missing or damaged items
    If there are missing or damaged items after every cleaning routine, you should really consider cancelling their services at once. They may not have properly screened their employees or have not given them proper training.
  • You’re not sure who is going to show up every time
    It is not good sign when unfamiliar faces turn up to clean your workplace. You have to explain needs and routines time and time again. It also shows that there is something wrong with the management because the company can’t seem to retain their employees.
  • You don’t get follow up calls or visits from management
    A reliable cleaning service provides good customer service. They prioritize the satisfaction of their clients and both evaluates and follow up with the services they provide.

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